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Startup Incubator in Chandigarh

TimesNext, Indiatech, and BiggBang have worked together to launch a versatile project, the Startup Incubator in Chandigarh, to assist early-stage startups in Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula Tricity with accurate resources and sources.

Startup Incubator in Chandigarh

Some startups lack knowledge about such initiatives and, after extensive research, give up on their goals or fail to grow. We have a full stack of knowledge, advice, funding, and expertise to help your startup get off to a promising start with the right resources.

To apply for our startup incubation program, email us at, and keep as CC.

What is a Startup Incubator?

A startup incubator is a cooperative program created to assist entrepreneurs in solving common issues crucial for a startup, such as finding a workspace, seed funding, guidance, and training

-- Sahil Kohli.

Versatile TriUp

BiggBang Coworking in Mohali, Chandigarh

The versatile TriUp is a partnership between TimesNext Media Group,, and BiggBang Coworking that aims to support and reach entrepreneurs in Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula who have the desire to materialize an important and promising concept.

Visit BiggBang Coworking's website here.

TriUp hypothesis

This Chandigarh startup incubator provides a brief theory for raising money, education, awareness, and sources for startups and startup ideas and individuals searching for resources or sources for establishing their startups.

The Best Startup Incubator in Chandigarh

When we refer to you as the best startup incubator in Chandigarh, we mean that you are the best for your concept and idea, which motivated us to provide the necessary resources and financing to enable you to be the best.

Business fundamentals

We will assist you in moving through each stage step-by-step from the ground up to the top of the list of successful startups.

Network potential

The fundamental function of a business is to network and build experience, but since this effort has the support of web giants, you need not be concerned about networking prospects.

Marketing aid

Since marketing with the greatest strategies and resources helps brands and startups succeed, this is where most startups fall short. We'll explain how this endgame works.

Reliable internet connection

High-speed Internet connectivity, which is both a legitimate need and one of the most fundamental necessities of the modern world, will be assisted by our space technologies.

Our Motive

Our primary purpose is to assist Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula startups with solutions like space, money, training, networking, and other necessities to help them manage and function effectively and creatively and to get them on the list of successful startups.

Why contact us?

We offer angel investment driven by Indiatech, networking and management solutions powered by TimesNext, and space solutions powered by BiggBang Coworking space, so if you're an entrepreneur or startup searching for space, funding, or management solutions, you're on the right track.


To apply for our startup incubation program, email us at, and keep as CC.

With more than 250k followers and a vibrant community, TimesNext thrives with the introduction of new initiatives; Indiatech connects the local audience with accurate information, while BiggBang coworking space provides office space solutions for startups, small enterprises, and entrepreneurs.

Accounting and financial management assistance

The TimesNext Media group accurately administers the finances and accounting of several subsidiaries in addition to its parent website. With the same vigor, we strive to support your best efforts as you develop into your best self and expand.

Programs for comprehensive business training

Every startup must complete thorough business training programs to educate the founder and the workforce on how to develop effective and efficient solutions.

Assistance with presentation skills

Simply explaining your goods or service to potential customers won't cut it; you'll also need some innovative presentational abilities and the necessary knowledge to put together the ideal presentation.

Connections with resources for higher education

Making connections and connecting with sources at a higher level always helps in various circumstances while trying to solve various issues using reliable resources from higher education.

Ties to potential strategic partners

A startup's ability to grow and improve depends on its ability to collaborate with strategic partners to develop innovative solutions.

Angel investment opportunities

The initial idea behind this innovative TriUp for providing startups with the right angel funding option was the Indiatech angel funding effort.

The Top Startup Incubator in Chandigarh

Did you know that Dropbox was once in your shoes and sought out a startup incubator to help with funding and other issues? At Dropbox, we are today the most successful and best illustration of a startup incubator and how it helps an idea flow toward a global audience. We hope to support you in being the same and achieving great things.

Advisors and mentors

Being supervised by appropriate and profound advisory boards and mentorship is necessary for obtaining and meeting the goal regarding the accuracy and successful campaigns.

Identifying the management team

Every startup must have the best management team to track projects and everyday activities for the business flow and maintain a successful outcome.

Assistance with business etiquette

Startups need to understand fundamental business etiquette to maintain the correct hierarchical structure and inspire and educate the next generation of enthusiasts.

Assistance with technology commercialization

We'll show you how with our technology-driven projects that have already made their mark in the burgeoning tech sector with TimesNext & Indiatech. As the world advances technologically at a rocket's pace, entrepreneurs must keep up to maintain the trend and stay current.

Tie-up with a tri-up

Join forces with our collaborative TriUp to reach the heights you've been striving for ever since you thought up the concept for your startup.

Support for regulatory compliance

Every startup must comply with regulations to operate correctly, work with a suitable hierarchy, and run efficiently.

Management of intellectual property and legal advice

Understanding intellectual property management is a prerequisite for every startup, even before it has been established, and getting the right legal advice can help you comprehend the fundamental and technical regulations of the sector.


We view things from all angles because we want you to succeed in every way possible.


No, we don't focus on a particular industry; rather, we are open to all startups and startup concepts, with a particular focus on the entrepreneur's potential from a futuristic perspective.


TimesNext is a media behemoth with a global audience, a reach that transcends borders, and a devoted following of more than 250k.


Indiatech is a publishing powerhouse focusing strongly on India and its emerging technology breakthroughs. It has a broad Indian audience and a strong global presence.


The most practical and effective office space alternatives are available for startups at Chandigarh's BiggBang BiggBang Coworking space.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

You don't need to worry anymore if you are an entrepreneur with a concept and a business idea but lack funding, causing you to step back. This startup incubator in Chandigarh is here to provide you with the appropriate solution to your problem.

To apply for our startup incubation program, email us at, and keep as CC.