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Startup Story: How Ascending is minimizing the gap between colleges and industries

The Founder

Ascending Founder - Dhrupad Shrivastava
Ascending Founder – Dhrupad Shrivastava

Dhrupad Shrivastava started Ascending, a firm that will act as a mediator between the colleges and industries, based in Rajasthan. He has a Computer Science Engineering degree from the reputed BIT, Mesra. His hometown is the city of Lakes, Udaipur, the same place where the roots of Ascending go deep down.

Ascending – What’s it about?

Ascending works to minimize the gap between the colleges and the industries. It is the platform that helps you buckle up for the real-life competition.

We all know that what we learn in college is not what we end up applying in the industry. As a result, every hired fresher has to go through extensive training from the company. This training is a costly affair for the company, especially with SMEs.

Here is where Ascending comes into the picture: They use the knowledge of the candidates, acquired during their studies and help them convert to actual skills useful in the industry.

They make this thing work via a Job simulation program, which can be considered as the most advanced version of Internships.

Here a person works as an experienced developer along with his mentors. On completion of this program, a certificate is awarded to the participants, which defines how well he performed in different areas of the development life cycle, like Specification Creation, Planning, Project Management, Database architecture, Agile Scrum, Development, etc.

So this program can help freshers with all the skills that he would need during his journey in the industry. This program is of 3-6 months duration depending on how much polishing a candidate needs.

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The Team:

Asha Rawat - Head of Technology
Asha Rawat – Head of Technology
Krati Sharma Jain - Head of Operations
Krati Sharma Jain – Head of Operations

Dhrupad’s Vision, Idea & Inspiration for Ascending!

During the interview with Timesnext, when asked about how he thought of Ascending, he said that the concept was typically self-inspired as the founder used to face the difficulty in hiring and training employees. He also added that the gap was so vast that it immediately prompted “There has to be a better way” in his mind.

The company’s vision in a simple line is -Help Freshers get better in skills and hence get better placements.

Obstacles on the outset!

It is one of its kind of ideas currently, hence introducing it to the World in front of people and explaining what Job Simulation is, was the only difficulty that the team has faced so far.

However, people are slowly adapting to the changes and becoming aware of the worth of mouth publicity now.

First Milestone and Current growth Status!

The first and foremost Milestone of Ascending was the efficient development of the framework of the program, which offers necessary skills in the Real World and does not turn out like any other program.

The company is growing tremendously with each passing day. The current center of focus is the work field of Udaipur. However, by the end of the year, they are planning to get students from all across India.