How startups like and unstoppable domains are bringing the next wave of NFT adoption

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NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are slowly taking over the Internet as they become the symbol of ownership, realism, and provenance. NFTs kickstart began in 2021, NFT domains are already peeking ahead, and people are going crazy about it as it leads to the adoption of new technologies. 

Even though NFTs have been there since 2014, people didn’t realize their hidden potential. But now, it is one of the most valuable investment assets of 2022! It is possible that NFTs might enter the fashion, medical, and real estate industries soon! But did you know that there is another industry where NFTs can be included? It is the web 3.0 or NFT domains!


The basics around NFT domains and web 3.0!

NFT domains are web 3.0 domains that are decentralized and guarantee full ownership to their buyer. Unlike conventional domains, NFT domains are a one-time purchase, and you don’t need any renewal plans or subscription charges to pay when it comes to NFT domains. This makes it easier for the website owners to keep up with their tasks rather than focus on payments every month or year. 

Also, you can directly connect NFT domains to your crypto wallet. So, it is a similar investment option as your other forms of crypto or original NFTs. 

To understand NFT domains more clearly, we need to dig up the internet evolution. The Internet is flooded with multiple websites, and the websites that we see today are not the same as they were before. Powerful computers were used to host the servers these websites relied upon, and they used to have long server IP addresses that were hard to remember. 

Thus, the domain names system or DNS came into play. The .com and .org are some of the most commonly used domains. This might be a minor evolution to you, but it transformed the Internet from web 1.0 to web 2.0!

Now Web 3.0 is on the rise as it is decentralized, is not controlled by any central entity, and belongs 100% just to you! NFT domains are mandated on web 3.0. They also act as a universal wallet address on which you can send or receive crypto! 

Now that we are familiar with NFT domains, web 3.0, and the evolution of the Internet, we need to know from where we can get access to these NFT domains. There are currently two leading NFT marketplace, Unstoppable domains, and Quik, that provides minting, selling, listing, and buying of NFT domains. Let us know about these websites better.


Unstoppable domains and bringing the trend NFT domain wave!

nft domains

Unstoppable domains and Quik understand the untapped potential of web 3.0 for creators and businesses. In a world where creativity becomes restricted due to centralization, these leading NFT marketplaces are working progressively to free businesses from any central entity. 

Both Quik and Unstoppable domains have listed various TLDs to make the businesses stand out from others. The users can mint the NFT domain of their choice without any hassle. 

Unstoppable Domains was launched in 2018 and are one of the leading providers of blockchain domain names and gateway to a web 3.0. It allows anyone to purchase a fixed domain name included as NFT in the Ethereum blockchain, giving the owner full ownership and control. 

You can use domain names to pay in 40+ wallets and transactions. The company is supported by Draper Associates and Boost VC and grants from the Ethereum Foundation and the Zilliqa Foundation. 

On the other hand, Quik is the leading extraordinary NFT domain marketplace. On Quik, each NFT domain comes with unique artwork and other traits. The website aims to provide a simplified marketplace for domain buyers where they can mint, sell, or list their NFT domains.

Quik aims to assist businesses with blockchain infrastructure to simplify their transactions without the involvement of any third-party entity. It also offers 5% royalties to every future NFT domain minter.

So, join this web 3.0 evolution by getting the NFT domain of your dreams with Quik and Unstoppable domains!


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