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Uncovering the story behind Hemant Jajoo’s Wedding Planning app – Wedvyah

Team WedVyah
Team WedVyah


Wedvyah is an Indian Wedding Planning web application where you can check the prices, reviews, and hire the best professionals for your family weddings. The platform provides a list of:

  • wedding photographers
  • makeup artists
  • venues
  • designer & decorators
  • and other wedding vendors

It also provides an online portal for photo sharing, guest management, and event listing. They also offer custom digital invitations.

For Indians, marriage is an auspicious occasion. It is not just a ceremony for two persons. It is a sort of festival for two families.

Indians are famous for their big fat traditional weddings. For this reason, the preparations begin months before the doomsday.  There is pressure to do all the things beyond perfection.  Hence, Wedvyah is the perfect application to plan weddings without any hectic.

Check out the platform here.

The Founders

Hemant Jajoo
Hemant Jajoo

Wedvyah was founded by Hemant Jajoo and his four friends – Deepak Chhipa, Dilip Jain, Goutam Dadhich, and Deepanshu Jain. Hemant hails from Sujangarh, a town in Churu district of Rajasthan, and is currently a third-year student at the Jecrc foundation.

His father is also a businessman. Thus, he always had the zeal to start his own business/startup.

He fulfilled his desire by starting Wedvyah in his second year of college along with his four friends, who are now the co-founders of the company.

The Idea and Inspiration behind Wedvyah!

Wedvyah started as a casual college idea. Hemant and his friends were keen to participate in a business hackathon in their college but did not have any idea and product to present.

Hemant and his friends thought for days about a business idea. On the 11th day, they all agreed on Hemant’s plan and that’s when Wedvyah was born.

Soon, they started working on the idea and even got validation from their parents and teachers. Their efforts were successful as they stood 3rd in the hackathon.

Their mentor was pleased about this and gave them more useful ideas to work upon.

Challenges they faced on the outset!

Wedvyah challenges

Unlike any other startup, Wevyah also faced many challenges in its initial days. The app was started back in March 2019 and got its first customer in April 2020.

Things were going smoothly and the team was focussing on product development, but soon the company faced monetary limitations which was a significant problem for them.

Establishing a startup needs money and guidance as you need to carry out several activities like market survey, data gathering, marketing, etc.

Currently, they are self-financing, and for getting proper guidance, they enrolled themselves in their college’s incubation center in December 2019.

First Milestone and Current Growth status!

When we asked Hemant about their first milestone, he said that for them, the breakthrough was the appreciation that they got for their product. He further added that their first income was of Rs.1100.

In the interview with TimesNext, while talking about their funds and services, Hemant said:

“We didn’t have much savings, and the costs of servers, data collection, and operations were high to bear for us. Thus we made so much effort to take down the price by getting the credits on the vital services we used. “

The first appreciation and income was a huge relief for Wedvyah.

As of now, they have successfully catered their services to 13 weddings and also have four weddings in the pipeline.

The Vision!

Wedvyah was started to ease out the burden on people during marriage preparations. In simple words, the vision of Wedvyah is to emerge as a market leader in their domain and to inspire college students that if Hemant and his friends can do it, then you all can also make it happen. Also, they want to promote the entrepreneurial spirit in them.