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How Sujata and Taniya Biswas are bringing back the elegant traditional wear with their startup – SuTa

Started by two sisters, Sujata and Taniya, SuTa is a brand that is trying to make the traditional outfit - Saree more accessi
Started by two sisters, Sujata and Taniya, SuTa is a brand that is trying to make the traditional outfit – Saree more accessible to young generations.

India is a country which houses different cultures and communities all in one place. Every culture has its celebrations, and they have their traditional wears, but one thing that never goes out of fashion is the saree. From Bollywood to Hollywood, movies, serials, cartoons, saree is an outfit that is considered as a ‘must-have’ in a women wardrobe.

With more than 80 ways to wear a saree, even the most simple outfit in the country can look different every time if you do your research right. However, over the years, we have seen a culture shift where the women in India have started choosing modern clothing and dresses, whereas people abroad are wearing sarees to events that they attend because of the uniqueness and the grace of the outfit. The handloom industry in India has recently seen a decline as people have shifted towards other sources for their needs, and the sarees are getting neglected in the race.

The most fascinating and beautiful weaving crafts are usually found in the areas that are not explored enough, and two sisters decided to explore the path. During a visit to their native village in West Bengal, Sujata and Taniya Biswas came across the beautiful weaving craft in the town, but they were crushed to see the conditions in which these craftsmen were living. This is the time when the duo decided to make things right and bring a change in the handloom industry. The entrepreneur in them knocked on their doors, and that’s when they decided to start SuTa. SuTa was formed with a simple business idea – to bring back saree in the market at affordable prices and designs that would attract all generations.

The Super Sisters:

Sujata Biswas

Sujata Biswas completed her schooling from B.J.E.M School and decided to pursue B.Tech in Information Technology from the College of Engineering and Technology (CET), Bhubaneswar. After this, she went to one of the top M.B.A colleges in India, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), for Master of Business Administration in Marketing. She worked in various MNCs at various posts before she decided to give up the comforts of the fixed salary job and enter the world of entrepreneurship with SuTa.

Taniya Biswas

Taniya Biswas did her engineering from NIT Rourkela in Ceramic Sciences and Engineering and then worked as production manager for a firm in Orissa for a year. Following the trend, she did her Master in Business Administration from IIM Lucknow and started working at various roles before she decided to be the co-founder of SuTa.

Both the sisters had a knack for the entrepreneurial world, as well as they wanted to help the conditions of the weavers and artisans in the country by providing them a platform to work.

What is SuTa?

Screenshot from
Screenshot from

Started by two sisters, Sujata and Taniya, SuTa is a brand that is trying to make the traditional outfit of our country- Saree more accessible to young generations. SuTa is helping those workers who were being forced to leave their jobs to move to the city to make more money by working in professions that are opposite of what they have been doing. With their management experience and understanding of the market, they realized that to revive the market, they need to focus on three things which are design, intervention, and innovation by designers.

The products offered by SuTa have a unique journey as some of the products even take weeks of dedication and immense craftsmanship before they are ready. Every saree needs detailed work and display the authenticity of Indian arts for the SuTa Queens (the buyers).

Challenges faced by SuTa and the growth of the company

The initial problem faced by them was to begin a company with weavers and workers who were demotivated because of the current situation of the handloom industry. Soon they worked with this and solved the problems faced by them.

Currently, they are an Rs.6 crore bootstrapped company with a team of highly skilled weavers, designers, embroiders, and an admin who are working together to provide the best products in the market. They wish to deliver the products at an affordable price using the best material and latest designs.