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Being up to speed with the trend is essential for everyone, whether they own a business, an established company, or even a startup. Following trends enable a startup to adjust to new productivity and creativity methods to favorably enhance the workforce in this era. Read Live Startup News to keep up with the latest trends and understand the world around you.

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Shreya Kumari

The Evolution of Startups in India

Startups and unicorns have been the buzzword ever since we are exposed to this global business industry. While the ventures of developed countries were expanding at an unmatched pace, India was left behind with a massive technology gap. Does that mean India didn’t have the knack for business? It...

Shreya Kumari

Overvaluation of Startups – Decoded

Since the time we started watching that famous show on startups, “Shark Tank,” we have been going La La over the buzzword “Valuation.” The more valuation one would bring, the more the chances of fetching an equity deal. Look, I do not deny the other important aspects of business, but...

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