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How 21-year-old Tallam Sitaram is shaping minds with his robotics startup

21-year-old Sitaram Tallam, co-founder of Robogyaan, is playing a vital role in the Robotics industry by changing lives and shaping minds with his startup.

India, popularly known for its academic curriculum, is picking up Robotics as a discipline, making India the next big hub for robotic studies, technology, research, and the development of potential applications of robotics.

The 21-year-old Tallam Sitaram, co-founder and CEO of Robogyaan, is playing a vital role in the Robotics industry by changing lives and shaping minds with his startup, where they provide training programs on robotics in school and colleges. Robogyaan also serves backward classes for free of cost in collaboration with NGOs.

Hailing from a middle-class family, Sitaram always saw problems in the society that were rooted deep in his heart. Initially, he had to face multiple challenges arising from partners and finances. The company incurred losses in the early stage and found it extremely difficult to find people who work with passion. Sitaram, who has been working on his startup for 2.5 years, even had to face discrimination for his young age several times.

Robogyaan, based in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, specializes in providing innovative and interactive learning solutions through different modes of learning in the form of workshops in schools. They are currently designing and fabricating PCBs to retail outlets in parallel to helping the B. Tech and M. Tech projects. Robogyaan has successfully worked with 30+ schools in the form of workshops, Industrial tours, and laboratory establishment.

On achieving their first milestone

Sitaram’s startup, funded by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), is looking to explore into IoT sector. Robogyaan, comprising of a team of fewer than ten members, has collaborated with many organizations including NATS– North American Telugu Society, that assisted through donations during various training programs for backward children and training programs for government school teachers; Experts Hub, where the firm outsourced all Expert Hub internship programs in Hyderabad and successfully campaigned for them throughout Andhra Pradesh; KAANTHI, a collaboration that made them move into social entrepreneurship while serving farmers with the technology of starter boxes for their pump motors in farms and CESD, that made its team move into lab establishments and lab training in many ATL labs in Andhra Pradesh.

Sitaram, at the age of 20, successfully completed workshops in 25 schools, making it their first milestone, which was awarded by APCOST.

On being asked about his vision for the company, Sitaram said,

“Our main vision is to serve more people, solving their needs and contribute ourselves in a mission of changing the way of education in India. We want to build a potential organization that solves social problems and changes the way we live.”