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Tata Tiago – Price, Specifications, Models and Review

Tata Tiago is the first mid-sized hatchback model of Tata Motors. Lets check out its features, specifications, models and com
Tata Tiago is the first mid-sized hatchback model of Tata Motors. Lets check out its features, specifications, models and comprehensive review.

Article Index:

1. Introduction

2. Tata Tiago – The Lucrative Mid-Sized Hatchback Car of Tata Motors

3. Tata Tiago Price

4. Tata Tiago Review

4.1 Design of Tata Tiago

4.2 Performance of Tata Tiago

4.3 Safety, Comfort, and Connectivity of Tata Tiago

5. Conclusion

1. Introduction:

Tata is one of the high profile companies in our country, which has made a name for itself in the automobile industry. Tata industries have produced a lot of vehicles in the market, starting from the impressive Nano to the attractive Bolt series.

Though Tata has become a renowned company in our country, it has not made so much of waves in the midsized hatchback segment. It is quite evident that the company doesn’t want to experiment in this segment, or maybe it gets scared to do so.

But today most of the citizens in our country love the midsized hatchback cars more than the moral lucrative design cars. It is because the midsized hatchback cars provide a lot of space than the other vehicles, which also helps in taking your family out quickly. Many automobile companies today are minting out massive money from customers by producing cars in this midsized hatchback segment.

With the increase in popularity among the hatchback models, even Tata motors have thought of coming up with an automobile model to encash this popularity. Tata motors very well know that a product that gets mid-sized and is between the price range of 3-6 lakhs will please every citizen of the country. Given the popularity of such models and with such a lucrative price range, all customers will prefer the model of Tata motors rather than others.

2. Tata Tiago – The Lucrative Mid-Sized Hatchback Car of Tata Motors:

The model we are talking about here is none other than Tata Tiago, the first mid-sized hatchback model of Tata Motors. Tata Tiago has got produced with the best features and comes within the lucrative price range of 3.20 lakh to 5.40 lakhs. The model looks more like a large auto, though design-wise, we can say that it is the best mid-sized hatchback model in India.

It is fresh in appeal and brings in some exotic features which can melt the heart of every citizen in India. So, below lets us start a detailed article where we will state its features, specifications, price, models, and comprehensive review.

3. Tata Tiago Price:

Tata motor has tagged the Tiago model into a smart price. The price is not so heavy and is quite reasonable with the exotic features it offers. Tata Tiago is available in 4 different models. These four different models get organized as Tiago Revotron XE, Tiago Revotron XM, Tiago Revotorq XE, and Tiago Revotron NZ.

4. The Tato Tiago Prices of all the four Tata Tiago Models are as follows:

Tiago Revotron XE comes with a smart price tag of around 4.91 lakhs. Similarly, Tiago Revotron XM, which is the higher-end model of the former, gets priced around 5.91 lakh rupees. The more top-end model of Revotron XM, the Tiago Revotorq XE, has the price tag of 5.84 lakh rupees and the final model, which is the supreme more top-end model Tiago Revotorq XE comes with attractive pricing of around 6.36 lakh rupees.

All these prices get estimated as ex-showroom prices of the vehicles. Other than these four standard models, Tiago also presents the additional higher-end model of each model mentioned here. We have discussed the eminent models which every citizen in India can consider buying.

As already mentioned, Tata Tiago is the newest entry in the mid-sized hatchback segment of automobiles. Tiago gets considered as the direct competitor for many cars, which include Hyundai Grand i10, Maruti Suzuki Celerio, and Honda Brio. It presents a fresh and innovative look and features with which it is winning the hearts of many people around India.

5. Now, let us see the detailed Tata Tiago Review:

5.1 Design of Tata Tiago:

It comprises of the next-generation design language, which is quite impactful. The car not only looks elegant but also seems quite sporty to enthrall the younger audience. The design of the vehicle is very confident and houses an agile stance. Tata has used terms continuously like expressive, extraordinary, and exciting to describe its hatchback model.

Yes, the exterior area of the car is very much evocative, has a remarkable build, and provides a new feel to every customer. For the interior space of the vehicle, the company uses terms such as in touch, inviting, and intelligent. True to its words, the internal space encourages every customer into riding it, has a smart system invigilating it, and provides a smoother touch to everyone.

The exterior area includes the agile stance and the new Tata emblem, which gets multi-faceted and gets embodied through a signature hexagon grille. The interior space houses a sculpted design language to attract the customer. It consists of a driver seat, which is adjustable, and a dual-tone interior coupled with a layered design theme. It presents of air vents that are customizable and also houses premium graphics on its fabric.

The headrest and the adjustable driver seat provides the perfect position for anyone to ride it peacefully. It also presents multi-storage spaces that get organized intelligently and give the maximum amount of utility and accessibility.

5.2 Performance of Tata Tiago:

The Tata Tiago gets engineered to provide power-packed performance under all exterior conditions. It comprises of the powerful Revotron 1.2L petrol engine. This engine delivers torque and power of 114 Nm and 85 PS at 3500 RPM. It consists of a 3-cylinder engine that helps you assist your driving in both the driving modes – Eco and City. The engine housed in the car helps in providing a higher amount of torque, performance, and power under all extreme conditions.

The car houses an advanced dual path suspension, which helps in delivering a smooth and comfortable driving experience by improving the handling of the vehicle. The noteworthy feature of this car is that it houses the Electric Power-Assist Steering (EPAS) system, which helps in identifying the tight spots and eases your efforts.

It also helps in enabling or handling the controls of the car in case of excessive speeding. It also comprises the gear shift recommendation feature, which provides you the comfort of experiencing an efficient and smooth drive.

5.3 Safety, Comfort, and Connectivity of Tata Tiago:

The car comes with a load of advanced and security features that empowers you in driving safely and efficiently. It gets equipped with many advanced tools such as sophisticated ABS, Corner Stability Control, dual front airbags, and rear parking sensors. It also houses a system display that presents the image recording of the proximity of the car when you are using it in the reverse direction.

It offers superior safety due to its healthy body and sound build quality. It houses 22 intelligently designed utility spaces, which helps in providing more accessibility and ability to store more things in the car. It gives more legroom for your comfort while driving and also height-adjustable seats.

Tata Tiago houses a multi-information display instrument cluster that provides all the useful information about the car and its performance with highlighted colors.

It contains the advanced infotainment system of HARMAN. Due to this system, any individual can experience a high-quality sound system inside his car as it enables an immersive surround sound music by using around eight speakers. It also comprises of an in house navigation app which can get used in case you lose your way out in the middle.

6. Conclusion:

After studying its detailed review, we can clearly say that Tata Tiago is the best buy option or the perfect option for all buyers who prefer buying the ‘mid-sized hatchback’ segment. The car is a healthy combination of everything a customer requires right form quality interiors, more comfortable control and handling options, and good looks.

It is entirely at a higher level than its competition, which gets considered with the likes of Maruti Suzuki Celerio, Honda Brio, and Hyundai Grand i10.

The above article states the various eminent features of the lucrative vehicle by Tata Motors, the Tata Tiago. We have also listed different other vital points, such as the Tata Tiago Review, Tata Tiago Price, Tata Tiago Models, and Tata Tiago Specifications.