Techstars Startup Weekend Madurai 2020 – Covered

Startup Weekend, an initiative of Techstars a community that provides a platform for persons with startup ideas to take them to the next level was organized in Madurai on 17th January 2020. The event lasted till 19th January 2020.

Startup Weekend is a weekend where a group of people who are interested to start or work in a startup join together as a team, pitch their ideas and after the voting phase, the best startup ideas are selected and guided by the mentors to build it into a prototype in the next three days and the team with the best ideas is selected as the winner of startup event and is given prices accordingly. The startup is guided by TechStars for investing mentorship and also for incubation facilities.

Startup Weekend

17th January

The event started around 6:30 pm (17th January) and the participants were given 60 seconds each to pitch their ideas and the ideas were put into a voting phase in which the top 10 ideas were chosen and formed teams by themselves.


18th January

The next day teams started working on the market research guided by the mentors from various domains and startups and work on making the ideas of the participants better.

They had coach meetings throughout the day and worked on their idea then wrapped up. TechStars facilitator, Ebin hosted a session on market research, customer validation, lean model canvas. A couple of speakers gave their keynotes.


19th January

On the third day, the coach meeting continued and the participants prepared for the final presentation in front of the juries and the awards were given for the best startup of the weekend selected by the juries.

The event gave a wholesome experience for aspiring entrepreneurs and participating students leave with a lot of information gained.

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