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Truecaller Introduces AI-Powered Call Recording for Indian Users

Truecaller introduces AI-powered call recording feature in India, allowing users to record and manage calls conveniently within the app. Available on iOS and Android with transcription support in English and Hindi.

Introduction of New Feature

Truecaller, the popular caller identification app, has unveiled its AI-powered call recording feature for iOS and Android users in India. This feature allows users to record both incoming and outgoing calls directly within the Truecaller app, providing a convenient way to capture and manage important conversations.

Enhancing Communication

Rishit Jhunjhunwala, Truecaller’s MD and chief product officer, stated, “We are constantly innovating cutting-edge solutions that enhance communication." He emphasized that such features offer users greater control and flexibility in managing their conversations, catering to both personal and professional needs.

How It Works

For iOS users, recording a call involves answering the call and then calling the recording line provided by Truecaller. The user can merge the calls, and after the call ends, a push notification notifies the user. The recording is stored on the local device with an option to store it on iCloud for added security.

Android users can simply tap the record button during a call to start recording. After the call ends, a push notification alerts users when the recording and transcription are ready.

Pricing and Availability

The new feature is part of Truecaller's Premium plan, starting at INR 75 per month or INR 529 per year. While currently supporting transcriptions in English and Hindi, Truecaller plans to expand this feature to additional markets and languages in the future.


The integration of AI into Truecaller's call recording feature represents a significant advancement, enabling detailed transcriptions and AI-generated call summaries. This enhancement is expected to further solidify Truecaller's position as a leading communication app in India.