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Payza is an online payment service that offers its services across 190+ countries, available in 21 currencies. Read our take
Payza is an online payment service that offers its services across 190+ countries, available in 21 currencies. Read our take on the popular payment service in our Pyaza review, listing both its pros & cons.

Digital payments interface has been revolutionizing the way we make our payments, trying to lead our country towards a somewhat cashless economy, where the majority of the transactions take place digitally, thereby bringing more transparency.

With payment interfaces like Paypal, it has become easier for us to send and receive payments worldwide, within a few clicks. Payza is another excellent digital payment app that offers its services to people across 190+ countries and is available in 21 currencies.

What is Payza?


Payza is a payment service that allows people to transfer funds worldwide and focusses on targetting individuals that are dissatisfied with the assistance of big-shot online payment companies. It offers its services around 190+ countries and in 21 currencies globally. You can accept funds & donations, sell subscriptions, and even send invoices on the platform.

Note: Payza had to shut down its operations in March 2018 due to illegal disputes.

Why use Payza – Advantages & Disadvantages

Payza comes with its own set of advantages which are:

  • No Monthly Minimum Limit: At Payza, you don’t have to have any monthly minimum payment or maintain a monthly minimum balance.
  • 100% PCI Compliant: Payza is a secure payment gateway that allows you to make secure transactions. It comes under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.
  • Hosted Payment Page: Payza uses a hosted payment page that allows its customers to make purchases for goods and services and pay it using the Payza platform.

Despite being an excellent online payment service, Payza has the following disadvantages:

  • Expensive money transfer fees: Payza charges a higher money transfer fee than its competitors like Paypal.
  • Poor Customer Care: Payza has abysmal customer support that often leads to disappointment for people looking to solve for their platform problems.
  • Immoral claims: Payza doesn’t justify its pricing as it often claims to offer a free account, free invoicing, and free transfer until you scroll down at the bottom of the page to see the fees charged.
  • Limited Pricing: Payza has kept a cap on the amount you can send/receive on their platforms. Verified business accounts can send/receive up to $50,000 at one time, whereas verified personal accounts can send/receive $5,000 at one time.

Payza Review

Payza app serves more of a disappointment that relief for people. It has its own set of advantages as you must have read above, but its disadvantages overshadow its pros. And why wouldn’t it? An individual chooses a payment gateway to make smooth and secure transactions with full customer care support, but here at Payza, that’s not the case. Overall, in our Payza review, we’d recommend you to choose Payza at your own risk, subtly hinting you to run and not select it.