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Why Are People Rushing To Buy Rudraksha Accessories on

There is a perceptible rush in online shopping in India to obtain a piece of spiritual serenity amid hectic routines. A new-age brand has drawn many online shoppers and is at the forefront of creating an uproar, a new trend to buy rudraksha accessories online in India.

Japa: An Ancient Practice

Derived from the Sanskrit root word ‘jap,’ japa means a repetitive humming of mantras or divine names. This meditative form has been practised for over a thousand years, dating back to Rig-Veda and currently throughout Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism. 

Japa is performed with a mala of rudraksha beads known as the Japmala. A Japmala or Japamala is made up of 108 beads, a number significant with cosmic and spiritual influence that give practitioners or wearers a physical connection to the divine.

The 108 rudraksha beads of rudraksha mala have many interpretations linked with cosmic elements, zodiac influence and planetary movements. But one common factor is that each rudraksha bead of a rudraksha mala or rudraksha bracelet brings the practitioner or wearer closer to spiritual consciousness as you count or simply wear it close to your heart or veins. 

Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha

Wearing a rudraksha mala is more than just a jewellery piece, it is a reservoir of spiritual blessings. Rudraksha malas consist of 108+1 rudraksha beads, the extra rudraksha beads are called a Meru, Bindu or Guru bead which mark the beginning and the end of a cycle. 

Wearing a rudraksha bracelet is all about being associated with the neurological benefits of rudraksha beads that enhance focus, memory and mental clarity through the veins. However, wearing or using it for counts, keeping rudraksha beads aside has numerous benefits including:

  1. Rudraksha accessories act as a protective guard against harmful energies. 
  2. Wearing a rudraksha bracelet is ideal for on-the-go people with hectic routines for obtaining stability and support. 
  3. Counting mantras or humming divine names with a rudraksha mala improves concentration and focus. 
  4. Wearing top-quality rudraksha accessories provides relief from skin problems and infections. India’s #1 Spiritual Brand to Buy Rudraksha Accessories Online

Japa is a spiritual brand in India founded by Sahil Kohli and Saumil Kohli on December 23, 2023. It specializes in spiritual accessories or rudraksha accessories online with an exclusive range featuring top-quality rudraksha beads, tulsi japa mala and exquisite gemstones. 

Japa India aims to be a leading spiritual brand, ushering in a new trend in accessories.

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The visionary thought behind its foundation was to inject authenticity into the world of spiritual accessories online shopping in India. To create a platform that connects modern online shoppers to a spiritual path, establishing a trend in shopping accessories. 

Buy Rudraksha Mala Online

Authentic Black Rudraksha Mala with 108+1 Beads: Buy Paanch Mukhi Rudraksha Mala online at Japa India, an exquisite mala with deep black Rudraksha beads that offer.

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Buy Rudraksha Mala For Men

Authentic Brown Rudraksha Mala with 108+1 Beads: Buy Paanch Mukhi Rudraksha Mala at Japa India, crafted with genuine Rudraksha beads that offer wearers a harmonic balance of authenticity and flair. 

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Buy Rudraksha Gold Chain Online

Gold Plated Rudraksha Necklace for Men: Buy Panch Mukhi Rudraksha necklace online at Japa India, a genuine piece worn as both a necklace and prayer beads. 

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Rudraksha Bracelet for Men

Gold Plated Rudraksha Bracelet for Men: Buy Rudraksha bracelet online at Japa India, it is an 8-inch multi-purpose accessory that can also be used as prayer beads, representing spirituality and Shiva Bhakti. 

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Buy Rudraksha Online

Gold Plated Bundle (Bracelet + Necklace): A perfect spiritual gift idea that includes 1 Gold Plated Rudraksha Bracelet For Men and 1 Gold Plated Rudraksha Necklace for Men. 

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The Rush at Online Shopping in India to Buy Rudraksha Accessories

Japa, the new-age spiritual brand to buy rudraksha accessories online has already opened its gates for online shopping in India on December 23. Online shoppers have well-appreciated the opening and today witnessed a huge surge in online sales, the day 2 of its launch. 

This is particularly due to their unique combination of preserving ancient spiritualism with their modern vision that considered what the new age requires. Their product range serves as both ornaments to wear and spiritual accessories to humming mantras and divine names. 

Moreover, they introduced a modern combo pack of spiritual happiness, consisting of a necklace and a bracelet. This explains the surge in online sales as the brand is also focusing on Gen-Z the new-age online shoppers, blending their style and considerations. is Creating A Spiritual Trend in India

As online shopping in India embraces Japa’s genuine Rudraksha, the brand is slowly adding a spiritual trend to the accessories segment of India. Japa calls online shoppers to dive into the transformational power of Rudraksha beads and to experience the positive aura they release. 

The path to spiritual awakening is waiting, explore now!

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