XXXX Brewery Brisbane – Everything you need to know

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  1. Introduction
  2. History of XXXX Brewery Brisbane
  3. Current Brand Names of XXXX Brewery Brisbane
  4. Distribution of XXXX Brewery Brisbane
  5. Sponsors of XXXX Brewery Brisbane



XXXX Brewery Brisbane

XXXX also known as XXXX Brewery Brisbane or four-ex is a brand name for Australian Beer brewed in Milton, Brisbane, by Castlemaine Perkins of Queensland. It is now a division of Japanese company known as Lion. It is found on-taps in bars and pubs in the state of Queensland, where it enjoys wide popularity. 


History of XXXX Brewery Brisbane

The XXXX brand was introduced in the year 1924, and the name has its roots back to a tradition of using Xs as an indication of strength. It was launched in the year 1857 by Castlemaine, Victoria. The label bears the town’s name, and XXXX has featured an artist’s sketch of this brewery on the label of beer bottles and cans.

In the year 1950s, the ‘XXXX’ sign was embedded in the brewery, which refers to the traditional grading or ranking system of a strong beer. 

In the year 1992, Castlemaine Perkins was taken over by an Australian food and beverage company known as Lion Nathan, who was later taken over by a Japanese food and beverage conglomerate called Kirin, in the year 2009. 


Current Brand Names of XXXX Brewery Brisbane

XXXX Brewery Brisbane is currently sold under the following brand names:

  1. XXXX Bitter is a pale lager under brand XXXX. In Queensland, it is often known as XXXX Heavy. 
  2. XXXX Gold is a mid-strength lager with 3.5% ABV. This is lower in carb content and is referred to as Gold in Queensland. 
  3. XXXX Summer Bright Lager: is a full-strength beer with low carb content.


Distribution of XXXX Brewery Brisbane

XXXX Brewery Brisbane was brewed under license by InBev Ltd until 2009 in the United Kingdom, where it was usually available in cans and on-taps in British pubs. Castlemaine XXXX was withdrawn from the United Kingdom by the end of June 2009 after the license got expired. 

Icon and Brand Recognition for XXXX Brewery Brisbane:

Mr. Fourex is known as XXXX’s mascot, who is a jovial cartoon man, dressed up in a suit and a boater hat. The cartoon is modeled as a well-known dwarf, but the true inspiration behind the cartoon is still unknown. 

A nickname given by military men was ‘Barbed Wife’ because XXXX carries an appearance of the fence product from the Outback.

A major campaign was launched in North Queensland in the early 1980s after the local manager of XXXX was able to consume an extremely high quantity of Beer is a very short time. The company had to close the campaign due to governmental pressure.


Sponsors for XXXX Brewery Brisbane

XXXX Brewery Brisbane

a) The major sponsor for the XXXX is the Rugby League State of Origin series. 

b) XXXX Gold is a sponsor of the Queensland Bulls and NT cricket associations. It also sponsors the Australian V8 Supercars Championship Series.

c) XXXX sponsored XXXX Gold Beach Cricked Tri-Nationals 2007 series, which involved famous cricketers from Australia. 

d) In the year 2012, XXXX Gold got a three-year lease on 15-acre Pumpkin Island, which is now XXXX Island. 

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