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Zomato Introduces ‘Pure Veg Fleet’ and ‘Pure Veg Mode’ for Vegetarian Customers

Zomato introduces ‘Pure Veg Fleet’ and ‘Pure Veg Mode’ to serve customers with 100% vegetarian dietary preferences, offering a curated list of pure vegetarian restaurants and specialized delivery services.

Zomato, the foodtech giant, has launched a new delivery fleet named ‘Pure Veg Fleet’ and introduced a feature on its app called ‘Pure Veg Mode’ to cater specifically to customers with a 100% vegetarian dietary preference.

In a tweet, Zomato founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal announced the new offerings, noting India's significant vegetarian population and their particular preferences regarding food preparation and handling.

The Pure Veg Mode on the Zomato app will feature a curated list of restaurants that exclusively serve pure vegetarian food, excluding any establishments serving non-vegetarian items. The Pure Veg Fleet will fulfill orders only from these pure vegetarian restaurants, ensuring that non-vegetarian meals or vegetarian meals from non-vegetarian restaurants are not delivered by this fleet.

Goyal mentioned that the rollout of these features and fleet will be phased across India over the next few weeks. He also hinted at future plans to introduce more specialized fleets for other customer needs, such as a cake delivery fleet equipped with hydraulic balancers to prevent cakes from getting damaged during delivery.

This announcement follows Goyal's recent statement at the ‘Startup Mahakumbh’, emphasizing the need for startups to constantly innovate due to the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Zomato has been actively experimenting with new services and features. Earlier this year, the company launched a daily payout feature for select restaurants and announced its ambition to achieve 100% deliveries through electric vehicles by 2033.

Additionally, Zomato is establishing a processing plant for value-added food supplies, including sauces, spreads, pre-cut, and semi-finished perishable products, for its Hyperpure vertical.

Zomato's Q3 FY24 results showed its third consecutive profitable quarter, with a profit after tax of INR 138 Cr, up from INR 36 Cr in the previous quarter. This positive performance has driven a more than 25% surge in the company's share price year-to-date. Jefferies recently identified Zomato as one of its 'top picks' for the next five years, predicting the stock could reach INR 400 during this period.