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Zomato Reverses Decision on ‘Pure Veg Fleet’ Uniform Color Amid Backlash

Zomato reverses its decision to have a green uniform for its ‘pure veg fleet’ following backlash, opting for all delivery partners to wear the standard red uniform.

Following backlash over its decision to introduce a green uniform for its ‘pure veg fleet,’ Zomato has reversed the decision and will now have all delivery partners wear the standard red uniform, regardless of the order type they are delivering.

Zomato founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal announced the reversal on X, stating that while they will continue to have a fleet for vegetarian orders, there will be no on-ground segregation using the color green. The app will indicate that vegetarian orders will be served exclusively by the vegetarian-only fleet, but this fleet will not be identifiable by uniform color on the ground.

Goyal emphasized that the change was made to prevent any incorrect association of the red uniform delivery partners with non-vegetarian food, which could lead to them being blocked by resident welfare associations (RWAs) or societies during special days. He reiterated that the physical safety of their riders is of paramount importance.

Zomato’s initial announcement of the ‘Pure Veg Fleet’ and ‘Pure Veg Mode’ had triggered criticism on social media, with concerns raised about potential discrimination against non-vegetarian delivery partners and the impact on their safety and livelihood.

Goyal assured that Zomato is willing to roll back the new initiative if it leads to significant negative social repercussions.

The company’s recent initiatives are part of its efforts to innovate and improve its services. Earlier this year, Zomato introduced a daily payout feature for select restaurants and announced plans to achieve 100% deliveries via electric vehicles by 2033.

Zomato is also establishing a plant for processing value-added food supplies for its Hyperpure vertical.

Zomato's shares were trading 4.8% higher at INR 165.65 on the BSE following the announcement.