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We at TimesNext & want to share the Work From Home WFH setup of our team.
We at TimesNext & want to share the Work From Home WFH setup of our team.

Hey, Startup Fam! How is work from home working up for you?

As more companies are encouraging (or being forced to) their employees to work from home as an initiative to control the spread of Coronavirus, we at TimesNext & want to share the WFH setup of our team.

Here we go!

Heena Vinayak

“Everything is better in pajamas,” the quote says it all. I start early morning and often take a nap in the afternoon, so I’ve found that planning to work on significant tasks before lunch and working from home where I can duck off for a half-hour nap suits me best. I believe that dedicatedly working from home is a skill like programming, designing or writing. It takes a lot of commitment to developing this skill and the traditional office culture does not give us any reason to do that.

Jai Pratap

“I have been working from home for almost three weeks now, and it has been quite a unique experience. My workspace is quite spacious and straightforward. I mostly work on my laptop with headphones on, as music helps me to get into the rhythm of writing. I start my day with a cup of coffee, which allows me not to get distracted from work. The transition from office to work from home may seem like no big deal, but it takes time to get adjusted to a new feel and new schedule and not get distracted. The transition was challenging initially, but it gets easier once you become used to the modern workspace.”

Saumya Uniyal


Initially, I believed working from home involved staying in bed with your laptop all day. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to stay in lockdown, I’ve realised it is so much more than that. To make the best out of the situation, I’ve dedicated a separate corner in my room as my workspace which has massively helped me in increasing my productivity. Yes, working from home is a challenging task in itself, given the number of distractions you have, but once I plug in my headphones, sip my morning coffee, and sit in my dedicated workstation, I go into a different zone altogether.

Some tasks that assist me in working from home are:

  1. Having a strict morning routine
  2. Maintaining a healthy diet
  3. Staying hydrated
  4. And an awesome work playlist on Spotify!

Nimika Jaggi

I am a homebody and only left the house for the office and back. I loved the structure that office life provides, but I would’ve loved it even more if I could Apparate into the office eliminating the commute. So, I wish this was under better circumstances, but I’ve been thrilled to work-from-home. Though we do have the leisure to choose our office hours, I like the 10-6 arrangement. Getting up just 15 minutes before work is a dream come true. Channeling productivity has been easy for me as I get to do the two things I enjoy the most- sit and research. My table is devoid of any clutter to tame distractions and I just avoid looking in the direction of my bed lest temptation.

Alisha Chugh

“As it is my very first experience to work from home of my working period and I can consider it as a good experience of my life.

Work from home felt difficult to manage for the initial two days, but now it is wonderful.Yeah, I don’t get the 100% office environment

but in this era of lockdown, working from home shows the cooperative & understanding time from my office & family side so that I can manage my working hours.

We are working from home for the past two weeks due to the COVID19 pandemic.

And I won’t say it’s terrible or great. I need to be multi-tasking to stay focused during my quarantine, so I learn & explore myself how to compartmentalize my work and home life.”

Sandhya S.

This has been my office for the past few weeks. I treat it like a regular workday, I get ready (almost) every morning and start my work. Keep an eye on my favorite hooman to stay productive, and it also helps set the energy for the day.

With efforts, things will gradually get better! Be patient. Life never gets more comfortable, you get stronger.

Let’s hope everything goes back to normal soon!

I am enjoying this whole WFH thing.

Rucha Joshi

“I consider myself as a lucky person who can work from bed without messing up the sleeping schedule. I guess the habit developed by working from home since my teen years. I always keep chocolates besides my laptop, because the sweet helps me think creatively and analytically, traits required for any critical writing. I also have my Mr. Shy Bear next to me for a company in case I get bored, you know. Whenever I need any inspiration or need to calm myself down, I look outside my windows and listen to the chirping of birds and the songs of trees. Ah! A great advantage of living in the countryside! My room has a mini terrace attached to it. So whenever I get lazy while working, I step outside while sipping on some lemonade. Then I just start writing in the dazzling sunlight to get refreshed and inspired.”

Notable Equipment:

  • MacBook Air
  • SKINNY DIP Wired Headphones

Srishti Garg

“My workplace is the place where is spend the entire day working on my laptop. I want that place to give me motivation, and that is why I like to sit where I can see the sunlight. The sunlight keeps me motivated and helps me feel fresh even after working for 4 5 hours straight. I keep my headphones beside me so that I can relax in between my breaks. My water bottle and medicine are always near me so that I can take them whenever I need them.”

Aakriti Suri

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, gave me the facility to work from home with them. The best thing about being quarantined is the journey between my bed & work table and a stopover at the kitchen for a cup of coffee to stay focused (The Delgona coffee trending on Instagram is my current favorite). I usually sit near the window with my laptop on my lap to get Vitamin C from the sun to increase my immunity. When I get bored working on my work desk, I take my laptop and a pack of juice and shift my work desk outdoors. Inhaling the fresh pollution-free air makes me feel stress-free and increases my work pace.

Notable equipment:

  • My Alienware laptop
  • Coffee mug
  • My lighted lantern

Sabyasaachi Karmakar

I am a human form of a ‘Sloth,’ the laziest of all animals. When at home, the bed is mostly my work-station. However, I periodically like to decorate my makeshift study/coffee table. And I have to admit; this makeshift arrangement is coming pretty handy now that I am working from home. I do love my coffee, so I always keep a spot reserved for the mug. My mom planted this tiny sapling in this giant pot for some reason. Oddly, I like it now!

(Not so) notable things in the picture:

– Me

– MacBook Air

– My Spotify playlist

– Noise cancellation Sennheiser earphones

Nitika Chamoli

“Staying boxed inside your room while a pandemic swathes over the entire world seems like a plot straight out of some dystopian novel. The start to this year has all of us sitting before our PCs or laptops trying to get our work done while also keeping ourselves safe from the clutches of the novel virus.

For me, working from home seemed to bring about a lot of relief, for I could just sit on my bed all day long with my laptop positioned before me and not move from there at any cost. I felt this was the change that I needed for long.

The table that you all can see in the picture had been lying abandoned for long, being occupied by my books and other paraphernalia. I decided to make use of it and started doing all my work-related stuff from there. The desk is small, and so I can manage it easily. And at times, when I get bored in between my work, I just grab one of the books before me and plunge into it.

Changing my work from home space has helped me remain alert and active; it has also helped me cure a bit of my neck and back pain. This space has now become my abode, which I might find difficult to give up once the quarantine period gets over.”

Pratap Simha

“I am enjoying it all the way. Work from home is working with me as I can work in the comfort of my house. A constant shifting from the bed to the work desk is not a rare sight here as I find my bed to be much more comfortable. A speaker and an earphone makes the day a whole lot better and can also effectively called as a source of inspiration. A cup of coffee is a must in the morning as it acts as a fuel to start working.”

Devanshi Singh

“It has been two weeks now that I have been working from home. Initially, I had all my things in bed, including the laptop and books. Later, after one week, I realized I wasn’t that efficient and would end up sleeping for the rest of the time on the bed itself. So, I created this workspace, a simple small one on the table in my room. Now, I don’t end up sleeping while working and consequently get more family time. Also, I am a bit organized now.”

There you go! WHF setup doesn’t take much effort & at the least, it offers a very comfortable space to work effectively.

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