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How Abhishek Bajaj’s startup – Samshek is combining technology and the fashion industry

Abhishek Bajaj's startup - Samshek is a tech startup that effectively combines technology and fashion industry to solve the i
Abhishek Bajaj’s startup – Samshek is a tech startup that effectively combines technology and fashion industry to solve the issues of the garment industry.

The fashion industry is one of the most significant industries of all time, with thousands of big and small brands that come together to form the global market. The fashion industry looks glamorous and inspiring to many young people who want to be a part of this industry as designers or in any other field. Still, there is a dark side to this multi-billion dollar industry.

Every year about 3.8 billion clothing is dumped as it does not gets used or gets ruined because of one or the other reason. Abhishek Bajaj has been a tech-savvy person since the beginning, and he wanted to use this technology for the betterment of the environment using a sustainable approach. This was the point when he decided to launch his startup Samshek, a ready-to-wear women’s western outfits online store.

The journey to Samshek

Abhishek Bajaj

After pursuing his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Washington in 2018, Abhishek Bajaj had different plans from the starting as he wanted to bring a change in the most polluting industry in the world with his revolutionary thinking.

Samshek is the first tech startup that effectively combines the technology and fashion industry to solve the two most significant issues of the garment industry- sizing and sustainability. The platform offers ready-to-wear and custom-made western outfits for women. The company has decided to give up on standard sizing and accepted that personalized measurement system should be used to deliver the accurate fit in each garment using 3D body scanner technology.

The Team behind Samshek
The Team behind Samshek

Samshek is the first platform to introduce 3D body scanning technology in India that helps in taking more than 150 measurements in 5 seconds with an accuracy rate of 99.9%. By sticking to the reason of helping the environment, the company works on the ideology of zero wastage and prefer keeping digital or virtual inventory instead of keeping an actual inventory. The orders are not mass-produced, and every order is made exclusively for the customer, which leads to minimal industrial waste.

Collaboration in the industry and the company’s first milestone

In conversation with TimesNext, Abhishek talks about the partnerships he has made in the industry where they have collaborated with internationally two other tech startups who are working in a similar direction. One is FitMatch (based in Texas) working on AI to deliver clothing based on the measurements, and the other is Balodana (based in Chicago) that provides custom made clothing for the perfect fit.

The first milestone for Samshek was to accumulate the whole idea together into one piece and make the automize manufacturing process sync together like a symphony.

The current growth of the company and vision

Currently, the company is in the growth of 30% of the online market, and retail expansion would help them take Samshek to a whole new level.

The company wants each individual to reflect their lifestyle and persona with the help of their outfits without compromising the comfort and fit. The costumes can be crafted with minimal effect of the environment and help the firm in achieving sustainability using technology.