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AI Will Disrupt the Content Marketing Space in 2022 & Beyond

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Artificial intelligence has taken over almost every aspect of communication, from Google Assistant answering our vocalized questions to Alexa recommending products based on our browsing history. AI has permeated our lives in ways that we don’t even think of any more, and the content creation space is no different.

AI is making leaps faster than ever, with projections of its global market value reaching over 190 billion USD by 2025 (1).

It has made it imperative to understand how AI impacts content marketing and will continue to impact copywriting and other digital marketing patterns.

As a result, we have decided to talk about how AI writing tools might help entrepreneurs, how they change the content writing landscape, and how content will be shaped in the future.

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How AI Writing Assistants Helps Entrepreneurs and Content Creators?

You have probably already heard of AI writing assistant tools and software. These tools automatically make content for a set of parameters. To put it another way, these AI writing tools are made to streamline the content creation process for specific sectors and topics (2, 3).

AI writing tools help marketers improve the content quality by offering ideas, suggestions, samples, and assistance with editing. They can also help instantly create a blog post for a specific topic with only a few keywords.

AI writing tools also help businesses generate content ideas for a novel, screenplay, and even customized content according to their needs. Besides generating words, AI writing assistants are also good at generating emotions. Meaning if you want to make people cry or laugh, these robots have that covered too.

Overall, these AI copywriting software help businesses write better copy with less time investment. That’s why they have become a go-to solution for many markets to build content at scale.

There are two major types of AI writing tools, AI writer as an assistant or software with an in-built AI writer. No matter which route marketers choose, they will help you save money and time (4).

Most businesses have started using AI tools for repetitive tasks, which help them better utilize their employees’ time.

It is worth noting that most businesses have already begun preparing for 2022, and finding alternatives to standard communications has been vital. As a result, AI systems for repetitive tasks are in high demand.

The solution helps find new ways for businesses to accomplish repetitive tasks. Hence it has become imperative for content writers to understand the technology and efficiently use it in their workplace. After all, today, if you need to stay relevant, you will need to keep up with these changes.

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But, How Do AI Writing Assistants Work?

Today, content has gone beyond being informative or a post on social media. It has become a critical factor in establishing or improving the brand narrative for any business. Being good with your is not enough to reach and attract a target audience.

That’s why more businesses have started to tap into AI as a marketing tool. According to a report by HubSpot (5), 70% of markets actively invest in content marketing, whereas at least 78% of businesses have a team of about one to three content specialists.

As the demand for more content rises, it is difficult for businesses to keep up with those tasks. And this is where AI plays an important role. AI writing tools help reduce content goals burden and help produce social media posts, blog articles, and even marketing copies.

Algorithms of these tools sift through millions of resources from multiple sources and create engaging content pieces. Since most early-stage startups and small businesses don’t have many employees or deep pockets for expert content writers, they are in a better position to leverage these tools.

Another survey from Semrush suggests that more than 12% of its survey respondents use AI writing technology to build their content (6). And we believe these numbers will rise in 2022 as more businesses realize how platforms like ai-writer,,, and can help them with their content needs.

Below is the text we generated using an AI writing assistant;

“In the future, AI is also expected to replace human writers and will initially focus on e-commerce websites where they will help create new content using SEO best practices for product pages.

The bottom line is that AI writers may not be able to completely replace humans, but they can definitely write high-quality articles that can be posted on a blog or website.

There are AI assistants that can help with some content writing tasks, but they are not a complete replacement for human writers. Copywriting AI tools can certainly support your marketing efforts, but they won’t completely replace human content creation.

They’re easy to learn, fun to use, and best of all, they generate natural, eye-catching text to suit your content needs. As the demand for content is skyrocketing, these tools can be of great help if you are in urgent need of good content.

Many content automation tools and AI content automation tools are entering the scene these days. From ads and tools to blogs, emails, and event texts, just about every content marketing need is covered.”

Neat, right? While we see a lot of room for improvements (That’s why AI will not replace human writers anytime soon!), it is not bad at all, especially if you often find yourself struggling to come up with unique content.

Staring at a flickering cursor or being distracted while writing an article can be aggravating. In that case, these writing tools can be your best friend when it comes to creating a text from the get-go (7, 8).

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Benefits of AI Content Writing Tools

  • Time-saving: AI writing tools can create articles faster than an average writer’s capacity. It can help small businesses save their precious time in other aspects of growth like promotion and marketing.
  • Improved ROI: Return on investment tends to improve with AI writing tools as they can automatically tailor themselves for different platforms and make consistent posts.
  • Competitive Edge: Consistent content plays an integral role in brand building, and AI writing tools are one way to do it.
  • Increased Sales: Customers are more inclined to purchase from brands they know and trust. One way to build that familiarity is through social media and blogs. And Ai writing tools can help you achieve it.

Most businesses today understand the importance of content marketing for customer engagement. Although these AI writing tools still need capable content writers, they seem to be a savvy method to step up your outreach efforts (9).

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Other Ways AI is Reshaping Content

There are lots of new possibilities when we blend innovation with marketing. There is no doubt that AI will play a significant role in content writing in the upcoming days. Below is a list of how AI can reshape the digital marketing spaces (10, 11).

Increased Search Result Accuracy

Search engines at present offer us a great experience in terms of ease of searching things we look for. Within a few taps in our laptops and smartphones offers a list of relevant search results.

With AI, we see great potential for offering us relevant search results based on the algorithms set after in-depth analysis. It would be extremely useful for marketers since AI will enable them to redirect the web traffic to their desired web pages.

Content Assistance

Another way AI serves marketers well is in the area of suggestions regarding items people select while shopping online. For instance, when you enter the name or a term for a product you wish to purchase, AI will come up with relevant items that will tempt you to make a purchase.

In-Bound Marketing

AI has cropped up as one of the best A/B testing tools available. As AI technology gets better, marketers will be able to take real-time optimization to the next level.

Email Marketing

AI can bring a revolutionary change in email marketing with sophisticated features like hyper-personalization, specific subject lines, and advanced segmented emailing based on past communication flow. In other words, AI will make email campaigning more productive and intuitive, allowing marketers to apply their efforts in the right direction at the right time (12).

Interactive Chat Bots

It would be especially significant for ecommerce companies since they need to entertain every little question human shoppers will have in their minds. Most of these queries are related to offers, discounts, prices, colors, models, availability, order execution, transit time, etc.

And in the recent past, chatbots have emerged as one of the most successful features of online marketplaces and stores.

In addition, chatbots have succeeded in engaging customers in online stores for a long time, increasing the possibility of more sales.

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Will AI Replace Content Writers? No

While artificial intelligence has been making waves over the past few years, content writers are not going anywhere anytime soon.

AI won’t replace writers since there are still many things AI can’t do, not yet, at least. For example, while AI can simplify things for writers, it can’t create truly original pieces.

You may have heard some grim predictions about how machines and AI will replace most human jobs; it can’t compete with humans when developing original content (13, 14, 15).

Here are some essential skills we humans have that gives us an edge over AI:


AI is excellent at processing a large amount of data and reforming it into written content. While it presents facts in a coherent and grammatically correct sentence, it still misses something. And as of now, we have no way of programming true creativity into a machine. In short, human brains are light years ahead compared to AI.


Although AI has come a long way in emulating how we communicate, it is nowhere near when it comes to our natural speech.

We avoid repeating the same words, phrases, sentence structures, and lengths. Strong writing needs us to switch things. On the other hand, AI written text sounds a bit robotic. However, we see a lot of improvement in that area.


No matter how much data an AI would process, it still can’t compete with the value of true experience. Without experiences to draw from, content written by AI feels somewhat superficial.


Even though AI may do many things, it still can’t feel emotions or put itself in our shoes to understand our struggles and challenges. Hence, AI will not replace any area and profession that needs a personal touch and empathetic connection.


When you read an article, poem, or novel, you will often feel the writer’s soul through every word and phrase. Most writers love what they do for a living, and they are very passionate about it, which is reflected in the written content.

No matter how sophisticated we program an AI, there is no simple way to create such a level of passion, commitment, and sentiment that allows one another to connect so deeply via indirect means.


While AI can make choices based on various parameters, it is not the same as developing judgment skills. However, in the case of human copywriters, we rely on knowledge gained from various experiences, values, and intuitions to write topics that can resonate with others.

There are several writers that like to go with the flow and make choices as they write. However, AI has not come to an adaptable and intuitive level yet. Instead of shifting its gear to a related topic, it will often form a loop and repeat information since it is bound to a specific set of topics to follow.

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Closing Remark

Despite its shortcomings, we can’t deny the benefits of AI and how it will play a vital role for copywriters, marketers, and people in general in the foreseeable future (16).

There are many ways AI tool helps content writers, including:

  • Jumpstart an idea; it will especially help writers if they are stuck or experiencing a block
  • Creating initial drafts
  • Cutting the entire content production time by almost 50%

The future still relies on capable, talented human writers, but AI can be their versatile assistant to speed up their creative process.