Alauddin Khilji – One of the Most Powerful Emperors of the Khalji Dynasty

Alauddin Khalji is known as the most powerful emperors of the Khalji Dynasty In this article, we are going to learn all about the life of Alauddin Khalji. 


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Alauddin Khalji was one of the most powerful emperors of the Khalji Dynasty that ruled the Delhi dynasty. He is known for the reforms in revenue and price policies. He brought several administrative changes during his reign. He was the sole cause of Mongol invasion thwarting.


Alauddin Khalji History

Alauddin Khalji

Alauddin Khalji was one of the most powerful emperors of the Khalji Dynasty that ruled Delhi. He is known for the reforms in revenue and price policies. He brought several administrative changes during his reign. He was the sole cause of Mongol invasion thwarting. 

Alauddin Khalji was the nephew of Jalaluddin. He was also the son in law of Jalaluddin, as he was the husband of his daughter. When Jalaluddin became the Sultan of Delhi, Alauddin was declared Amir-i-Tuzuk, which means master of ceremonies. 

Alauddin raided several regions and states for Jalaluddin. Some of the notable ones are Kara in 1291, Awadh, and Devagiri in 1296. After Alauddin gained enough power in the Sultanate, he killed his uncle Jalaluddin and succeeded him. All sons of Jalalludin were subjugated too. 

After becoming the Sultan of Khajlis, Alauddin was at constant war with the Mongolians. He prevented many Mongol Invasions from Chagatai Khanate, Kili, Delhi, Sivistan, etc. In 1306, Alauddin’s forces ultimately defeated Mongol forces near Ravi Riverbank. The army against Mongolians was led by Malik Kafur, Ulugh Khan and Zafar Khan. Alauddin won kingdoms of Gujarat, Chittor, Ranthambore, Malwa, Siwana, Jalore, etc. After acquiring so many territories, the Hindu dynasties were left endangered. 

In South India, his trusted slave general Malik Kafur raided Devagiri, Warangal, Dwarasamudra. After attacking the Pandyas, they gained several horses and elephants. After his death, he appointed his General Slave Malik Kafur as an administrator. Malik Kafur made Alauddin’s son Shihabuddin a puppet Sultan. Shihabuddin was the son of Alauddin and his Alauddin Khalji wife, Jhatyapali.


Alauddin Khalji – Personal Life 

Alauddin was married to his uncle Jalaluddin’s daughter. She attained the title of Malika-i-Jahan after Alauddin became the Sultan of the kingdom. The marriage was full of tensions as the sudden promotion of her lead to her arrogance, and she tried to overpower Alauddin. Alauddin had several wives, some of the Hindu, and some Muslims. The main problem in their marriage was Alauddin’s second wife. Mahru was the sister of Alp Khan. After Alauddin married a Mahru woman. His first wife was infuriated, she once attacked Mahru and Alauddin in a garden. As a punishment, he assaulted his first wife, Jalaluddin did not react to this incident. Jalaluddin’s wife had a lot of influence on him, and she did not like Alauddin. In her opinion, she expected a rebellion from Alauddin. She also supported the arrogant ways of her daughter against Alauddin. 

Alauddin Khalji married two Hindu women. The first Hindu wife of Alauddin was Jhatyapali, daughter of Ramachandra, king of Devagiri. He had a son with Jhatyapali, who succeeded Alauddin after his death. Alauddin’s second Hindu wife was named Kamala Devi; she was the chief queen of the Vaghela Dynasty. She was captured during a raid and was put in Alauddin’s Harem. She requested Alauddin to bring her daughter to the palace with her. Alauddin sent people to bring her daughter Deval Devi from the custody of her father. Deval Devi was born to Delhi and lived in the royal palace.

Alauddin Khalji

During a raid in Gujarat, Malik Kafur, a eunuch slave, was captured by Alauddin’s forces. Alauddin was fond of him. He quickly rose through the ranks and became the military commander and counselor of the Sultanate. It is said that Alauddin was genuinely and madly in love with Malik Kafur. Some historians say that both of them were in a sexual relationship, while some conclude that the connection was just emotional. It is said that Alauddin might be a Bisexual or a Homosexual. 

Alauddin Khalji and Rani Padmavati’s (1) story was the basis of an epic war. He wanted to win the rani Padmavati as he heard stories of her beauty. Alauddin went to a battle for her and with the king of Mewar. When he was defeated, Rani did Johar and died, for her death was better than being abducted by Alauddin’s men.


Alauddin Khalji – Last years

Alauddin Khilji

During his last years, Alauddin suffered from an unknown illness. He did not trust anyone except Malik Kafur, his general slave. It is suggested that this state of distrust was because of Malik Kafur. As Kafur wanted to be an influential figure in the Sultanate, he made Alauddin suspicious of everyone, and Khalji killed many of his ministers and counselors in distrust. 

Alauddin Khalji took his last breath in 1316. Some historians say that Alauddin was killed by Kafur, as Kafur brought the body of Alauddin to from Siri Palace. After Alauddin Khalji’s death, he was buried in a Mausoleum, although the location cannot be confirmed from the scriptures found. 

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