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Amazing facts about the Tamil film actor – Harish Kalyan

Harish Kalyan started his career in Telugu but moved towards Tamil Industry. He was also a Bigg Boss Tamil contestant. Lets u
Harish Kalyan started his career in Telugu but moved towards Tamil Industry. He was also a Bigg Boss Tamil contestant. Lets uncover all facts about him.


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Harish Kalyan

Harish Kalyan is an eminent actor who works dominantly in Tamil and Telugu feature films. He started his acting career in Telugu but began to move towards Tamil Industry as he gained more attention and stardom from the Tamil Industry. His debut movie was Sindhu Samaveli, which garnered him enough fandom and made him a heartthrob among the youth, especially girls.

Harish Kalyan Career:

Some of his notable performances also include Vil Ambu, Poriyaalan, and Pyaar Prema Kadhal. He was also a contestant on the first edition of the controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss Tamil.’ He finished his stint at Bigg Boss Tamil at the 3rd place. He was at his self at the show and was never a part of any controversies.

Though Harish Kalyan and Raiza Wilson were at loggerheads for a briefer part of the show, they both acted together in the movie ‘Pyaar Prema Kadhal’ to show that they both had let go of their differences.

As mentioned above, Harish Kalyan made his debut through the controversial film of director Samy’ Sindhu Samaveli’. Though Harish impressed everyone with his performance, the controversial theme of the movie led to his downfall. Harish Kalyan got criticized for acting in such a film because of which he decided later that he will carefully in choosing the scripts of his next movies.

His performance in the Tamil feature film Poriyaalan got noticed, and many consider this film as the breakthrough film of Harish Kalyan. Though his performance got seen very later compared to other debutants as Poriyaalan was his sixth Tamil feature film, Harish Kalyan has confessed that as he was a newcomer to the industry, he could not tell no to certain films which later dented his image.

After Poriyaalan, the stardom of Harish Kalyan reached an impressive peak as he found some great movies in his foray. Soon after Poriyaalan, Harish Kalyan acted in critically acclaimed Telugu movie Kadhali opposite Pooja Joshi. Kadhali was his debut Telugu movie and was a sleeper hit due to its storyline and low budget.

Harish Kalyan at Bigg Boss:

Harish Kalyan at Bigg Boss
Harish Kalyan at Bigg Boss

It was his stint at Bigg Boss, which made Harish Kalyan get noticed by everyone in the state of Tamil Nadu. He got brought into the show as a wild card candidate but finished the season at a high being the 2nd runner up of the show. His skills of playing the game and his strategy won appreciation from all quarters of the audience, and he made sure no controversy befalls on him because of his stint at the show.

Soon after Bigg Boss, Harish Kalyan became a household name, and his stardom started to attain a new level. His next release shortly after his stint at Bigg Boss ‘Pyaar Prema Kadhal’ with Raiza Wilson, his co-contestant at Bigg Boss was a sleeper hit and got loved by all sections of audiences. His on-screen chemistry with Raiza Wilson was such a hit that they started to become the most loved on-screen couple for much Tamil youth.

Harish Kalyan Awards and Accolades:

Other than being an actor, Harish Kalyan is also a trained singer in Hindustani Music, and he can also play the keyboard instrument. In 2016, he released an independent song sung by him, which got titled ‘I’m Single.’ He also wrote the lyrics for this song, and this song became an instant chartbuster.

He has also won the Edison Awards for being the Romantic Hero of the year for his performance in the film ‘Pyaar Prema Kadhal’ in 2019. Harish Kalyan Twitter is also the official twitter page of the actor where he regularly interacts with his fans now and then.

Check out his twitter account here.