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Amazon Recieves Indian Patent for Auto-authentications of Transactions in Mobile


Amazon Technologies is a part of the e-commerce giant The company has recently been granted an Indian patent for a method. The copyright is regarding a technique to provide hassle-free transactions via geo-locations and user identifiers.

As per the patent claims, it would solve all the obstacles and provide a secure, easy, and contact-free authorization for transactions to mobile users. It is especially compared to the existing transaction methods.

Amazon Patent: Automatic Authentication of the transaction as per the location of a user

In the document, Amazon said that there are many potential security threads with existing payment methods. While a person takes out his device to add the biller details before the payment, a hacker or skimmer may scan and the transaction details.

A pre-authorized biller can also conduct an unauthorized payment. In the claims of its patent, Amazon said that its invention would address these problems. It would provide an approach to authenticate a transaction automatically based on the location of a user.

It includes detecting the user’s mobile device presence within the predetermined proximity of a merchant’s location. The mobile data would indicate if the device has been within the range from the merchant’s place for a while.

As per Amazon, it would help to determine if the user has a preferred merchant. On the other hand, the trusted merchant can be authorized by the consumer. The user can implement a transaction as per the preference data. Users could store the data on their profiles. Once the technique recognizes the merchant, the device can log in to the merchant automatically. The transaction can then be completed by identifying and using the user’s preferences data.

The Amazon patent documents (1) further reveal that the security and safety for a transaction are ensured with their method since it initiates the purchase from the user’s device and carries out if the merchant is trusted. Also, now users do not need to enter any sensitive information regarding their transaction at the merchant location. Hence, it would reduce the skimming risks by the skimmers or hackers present at the site.