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From high-end mall retail interior to adobe for the needful – How Angad Kasliwal is building dreams with his architecture startup – Studio23

Born and brought up in Indore, Angad Kasliwa's architecture startup - Studio23 is working in the direction of making people's
Born and brought up in Indore, Angad Kasliwa’s architecture startup – Studio23 is working in the direction of making people’s dreams come true,

There are various creative fields of work where people have to bring out the best of their creative thinking in every project they work on. One such field that needs wild imagination and creative thinking in architecture and interior designing. The field of architecture and interior designing needs the best from a person due to the competition in the industry. With the innovation in technology, people are doing wonders all over the world.

Applying the thoughts and ideas and turn them into reality is as important as planning those ideas in your head. A person working in the field of architecture and interior designing is like living different lives at once. Every client has different needs, and they ask for different things according to their likes and dislikes. Every project is a new experience for an architect, and one such architect is Ar. Angad Kasliwal. Angad believes that architecture has a soul of space and feelings that are built and preserved, and he is contributing his bit in the community with his startup – Studio23.

The beginning of the journey and all about Studio23

Ar. Angad Kasliwal
Ar. Angad Kasliwal

Born and brought up in Indore, Angad Kasliwal, after completing his academics from St. Pauls H. Sc. School, Indore decided to pursue Architecture and learned the basic concepts of architecture from one of the most admired institutes of the country, CEPT, Ahmedabad. After his initial training from CEPT, he studied architecture in Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Architecture, Pune.

Then he moved to Bangalore for an internship and got his first job in Goa. With the work experience, he decided to move to Manchester for his master’s degree in Urban Design and work from the University of Manchester. That’s when he decided to come back from where he started, and he came back to Delhi for his startup. In 2015, Studio23 was born with its studio set up in Indore as the city of their startup. After working in 6 different cities in India and abroad, Angad finally settled in Indore.

Studio23 is an architecture startup, and they are working in the direction of making people’s dreams come true. The human existence thrives for food, clothes, and shelter irrespective of their luxury quotient and Studio23 is passionately engaged in architecture and interior design projects. From high-end mall retail interior to sophisticated residences, corporate offices to adobe for the needful, Angad is working in every direction to make the best use of the things he has learned in the past few years.

They take up projects from underprivileged, nursing homes, homes for specially-abled, etc., at a minimal fee or no fee at all to help them. Along with this, his firm also provides pro-bono architecture and interior designing consultation to the Indian Army. With the construction industry adding approximately 40% of global warming, they have adapted a diverse and sustainable concept of development for their work.

The initial challenges while laying the foundation

Studio23, Indore- Conference Room

Construction of a business that needs a human touch to its work, but some people have started practicing the profession without any qualification and degree. This is creating problems as the number of ‘unqualified professionals’ has increased as compared to those who worked hard for five years in academics to getting registered and earn the prefix of “Ar.”

Unqualified people who have no experience or education in the field start competing with people who have worked hard to earn the degree makes the world of architecture ugly. Other countries have beautiful skylines, but India still exists with skylines flaunting ancient Indian Architecture or copy of glass-westernized-facades in Indian megalopolis.

The first milestone for the firm

Every step made in the world of architecture or a project is a milestone for the firm. The first milestone for them was when he got published in the Top 50 architects graduating in India by Council of Architecture. Another feather in his cap was when he got appreciation and recognized by the Bureau of Police Research and Development, New Delhi. This was given to them for their research and design concept for criminal correction centers in India.

Company’s growth and vision for the company

When asked about the growth of the company, in conversation with TimesNext, Angad jokingly stated

“slow and steady shall hopefully win the race”

His vision for the company is that they wish to revive the roots of Indian heritage in modern-day living to practice and promote sustainability as no different entity of design and support vanishing art forms and artists of India. He wishes to uplift the architecture fraternity in India and make the world a more beautiful place to live in.