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How Ankur Jain is being a part of the Industry 4.0 revolution with his startup – UdyogYantra Technologies

UgyogYantra Technologies founded by Ankur Jain is working in the direction of developing solutions for Industry 4.0 to make m
UgyogYantra Technologies founded by Ankur Jain is working in the direction of developing solutions for Industry 4.0 to make manufacturing efficient & smart.

The technologies are improving with every day as we have moved from assembling cars with our hands to automated factories where machines do most of the work. All these changes in the industries are part of the industrial revolution, and the revolution has been going on in several countries for ages. India is a country that is moving on the development path at a swift pace, but we can’t forget the fact that India missed all the revolutions that took place in the past few years.

The first industrial revolution took place in the 18th century, where water and steam-driven machines were introduced, and by the 19th century, electricity was used in factories for mass production. In the 20th century, computers and electronics helped with the industrial automation process in the 1970s, which was known as Industry 3.0. If we take a closer look at the timelines, we can quickly figure out that our country has missed every single one of those industrial revolutions because of pre-independence phases.

This was when Ankur Jain decided to chip in his share for the Industry 4.0 innovations by introducing UdyogYantra, a platform that builds intuitive, network, and cloud-ready AI-based solutions to help industries bring A.I. into manufacturing and assembly processes. They are developing products focused on Industry 4.0, which would bring change in the country and bring development in the country as they see huge potential in growth.

Life of Ankur Jain before UdyogYanta

Ankur Jain
Ankur Jain

Born and brought up in Delhi, Ankur completed his schooling from Delhi Public School R.K. Puram and went to do B.E. (Hons) in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology ( NSIT ), Delhi University. He further pursued his Master of Business Administration from one of the well-known colleges of India, IIT Bombay (Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management).

He worked as the country manager (India) for a U.S. based tech MNC, National Instruments, and has 10+ years of experience in the area of developing high-performance automated test and measurement systems. His knowledge of the work has helped him solve engineering problems in the fields of Industrial Internet of Things, Electronic Warfare, Semiconductors, and Autonomous Driving, etc. He has also worked with companies like Mahindra, Tata, Qualcomm, Hindalco, DRDO, ISRO, and multiple MSMEs focused on machine building and automation. Apart from working for building a better future and being a part of the upcoming industrial revolution, Ankur likes to get his hands dirty in his 4×4 as he goes offroading.

What is UdyogYantra?

The fourth industrial revolution is all about connected factories, which will have machines that are working with software DNA and will evolve with the dimensions of artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Future factories will be dependent on these network-connected machines and manufacturers will need to change the architecture to ensure that the machines are software configurable, and are capable of integrating technologies like cloud, A.I., etc.

Industry 4.0 focused on making the machines talk to each other, have access to knowledge sources like the library or the internet, and they learn from their own mistakes. Making the machines and manufacturing process more intelligent, UgyogYantra Technologies is working in the direction of developing solutions for Industry 4.0 to make manufacturing efficient and smart. The products take sensor measurements from various parts of the machines and give the data to the A.I. algorithm that is running on the cloud. Another product developed by them is A.I. based quality control product for cloud kitchens where the prepared food is passed through rigorous quality checks where the quality of food is determined and inadequate, wrong, improperly cooked food is not delivered to the customers.

Work by UdyogYantra
Work by UdyogYantra

Another product under development is Smart Microwave for Cloud Kitchens, and the recipes can be updated for all microwaves throughout the country using A.I. driven quality checks, and the device can be introduced to the freshly cooked food industry.

Challenges faced in the launch

After working in the corporate sector for more than ten years, choosing the life of becoming an entrepreneur, and leaving the comfort of an excellent monthly salary is tough. The biggest challenge for him was to overcome his thoughts and put his ideas and work in the right direction.

If you believe in yourself and your idea, then it is a superpower for you with which you can fight all the challenges that are coming your way. Startup’s journey is tough and long, from hiring your first employee to getting the first order, or finding the right partner is tough as these challenges are real and scary. But this only happens for the first time and after that things get more comfortable as you gain more experience.

Any collaborations in the business

In conversation with TimesNext, Ankur talks about their partnership with National Instruments, who are the worldwide leaders in test and measurement systems that help them to get connected to the customer. The startup is also registered under the Government of India’s flagship Startup India program, which recognizes innovative products of startups.

The first milestone of the company and its current growth

UdyogYantra Lead Developer at innovation
UdyogYantra Lead Developer at innovation

The first milestone for the country was when they managed to develop business in the starting three months, and two of the products designed by them are confirmed customer orders. Choosing the food tech industry for their startup was a great strategy by the Ankur.

In just a few months of incorporation, the company was generating revenue, and their Food Tech IoT Products already see confirmed orders from one of the largest cloud kitchen chains In India. This cloud kitchen chains will use this prototype, and they plan to scale it to 200-500 kitchen in the first year.

Vision for UdyogYantra

Ankur Jain
Ankur Jain

UdyogYantra Technologies is dedicated to developing solutions for Industry 4.0 to make machine and manufacturing processes more intelligent and efficient. The long-term vision of the company is to be leaders in making Industry 4.0 solutions and make the factories more connected with each other.