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How Aristi is Helping Business by Offering Cybersecurity Solutions to Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Let's uncover the story of Utkarsh Bhargava's startup Aristi helping business by offering high cybersecurity solutions for sm
Let’s uncover the story of Utkarsh Bhargava’s startup Aristi helping business by offering high cybersecurity solutions for small and mid-size enterprises.

The Founder

Aristi Founder - Utkarsh Bhargava
Aristi Founder – Utkarsh Bhargava

Utkarsh Bhargava, the founder of Aristi, was born and brought up in Shahganj. Utkarsh completed his schooling from Govt Boys School, Shahganj, and pursued his in computer science from The Institution of Engineers. Soon after completing graduation, Utkarsh started his corporate career as a cybersecurity analyst at ACSG corporation.

What is Aristi?

Aristi is a cybersecurity research and consultation company focused on offering high cybersecurity solutions to small and mid-size businesses. The company helps to enable SME to protect digital assets in a very affordable way.

Utkarsh told us that SMEs are the weakest link in cyberspace, and they face more than 70% of the total cyber attacks. The company is breaking the myth that cybersecurity is expensive.

The company offers services like Cyber Security Consultation, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test, SIEM & Managed SOC.

Check the website for Aristi Labs here.

The idea that inspired Utkarsh

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

While talking to TimesNext, Utkarsh told us that SMEs are the weakest when it comes to cybersecurity along with it, the Data Security & Privacy compliance has made the life of SME miserable.

Utkarsh analyzed that there is no security solution within their budget, which can help them with compliance and security.

Utkarsh identified the opportunity and developed a solution with all advanced features such as Machine Learning, Threat Intelligence, Automated Attacker Intent Detection, Incident Response, etc., and this is how the Aristi was born.

Challenges faced in the outset of Aristi

Keep challenging yourself to think better, do better, and be better.”

Utkarsh told us that the first and primary challenge he faced was the shortage of skilled manpower. Utkarsh says that he received 100s of resumes daily, but it was very tough to get that one resume, which fits with the job profile.

Utkarsh analyzed the reason for the shortage of skilled human resources in cybersecurity that it’s a new domain, and very few people try to get involved in it.

Hitting the First Milestone and current growth of the company

Utkarsh told us that the company got the first milestone breakthrough by winning the CII-YI Dream Startup Challenge, which impacted the business in a very positive manner.

The company has flourished so well in no time and has observed revenue growth by three times.

Aristi – The Vision

Team Aristi
Team Aristi

The company visions to enable every SME to have multi-layered cybersecurity so that they can focus on their core business without worrying about cyber threats.

The company has launched a cost premium SIEM solution and about to launch a cloud-based SIEM, which will enable every business to have an advanced security solution like SIEM.