Alex Osian

Alex Osian

Alex is an MBA graduate who left his high-paid technical job in order to follow his dream for writing. Apart from working with TimesNext, Arun is also a dogsitter by profession. He can be easily spott

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Alex Osian

Sarkari Naukri: Is it worth the efforts?

We’ve all heard our parents say, “Sarkari Naukri lagwa le, beta.” But we never ask them for details. It is because India is a country with substantial employment issues. However, people often run behind governments jobs for various reasons. Let’s get a detailed description of how Sakari Naukri...

Alex Osian

How to become an Amazon seller?

Nowadays, there are lots of examples of which type of online businesses you have to pursue. And also, how to make a profit out of it. Gone are the days, when you have to figure out everything by yourselves. This quality happens to be the most significant advantage for you...

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