How this Bangalore based startup is helping credible talent meet the right opportunity

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What is Kretaro?

Kretaro - Website Screenshot
Kretaro – Website Screenshot

Kretaro is a tech company in the space of People Analytics & Organization Discovery. The company is a Pioneer in talent Credibility assertion through professional referencing.

The company intends to make it possible to predict the outcome in a professional relationship by calibrating trust and commitment in a workspace.

The company believes that “credible professionals create a trusted environment which is necessary for High performing outcomes.”

Check out the website for Kretaro here.


Bikash Kampo’s journey towards Kretaro

Kretaro co-founder - Bikash Kampo
Kretaro co-founder – Bikash Kampo

Bikash Kampo, the co-founder, and chief digital prophet at Kretaro was born and raised in Semiliguda, a small town in the Koraput District of Odisha. Bikash spent 18 years of his life there, which helped him to be around a lot of entrepreneurial people and get into the entrepreneur mindset early on.

Bikash completed his Engineering from the Biju Patnaik University of Technology and started his entrepreneurship journey with a couple of his friends when they were in 3rd year and started an online food delivery business on the college campus.

Soon after completing engineering, Bikash started his Journey in the way of the startup world with starting Hitbik, a broker free home rental platform and Foodzo, an on-demand cloud kitchen food delivery application.

Check out the website for Kretaro here.


The idea

While talking to TimesNextBikash told us that the idea was to create a world of trust for professionals. 

Bikash observed that the professionals doubted finding the right job that they aspire for, accepting the application by the employer, the salary cap that fits them, considering the success in the marketplace, etc. and also doubts that employer had to find the right talent, the uncertainty of the candidate accepting the offer, etc.

Bikash realized that this doubt leads to a continuous feeling of anxiety about success or failure because of low trust. Bikash got the inspiration for creating something that could solve the issues of discovering trust, which led to their unique proposition- CREDIBILITY, the secret sauce to foster trust & eliminate all the anxiety.


Challenges at the outset

Bikash told us that the start was difficult and fuzzy, but within the initial few months of product development, they got the clear sight of success ahead. The strong support from his team who believed in his vision and friends who supported him and his positive attitude helped him overcome all challenges in the journey.

Bikash says that there had been minor hiccups in the journey, but he took them as crucial learning, which helped him in refining the product.


Kretaro – On growth and First Milestone

Team Kretaro
Team Kretaro

The company got its first milestone breakthrough when they onboarded 10000 credible professionals and 100 organizations being onboarded even before they had launched.

Bikash told us that the significant milestone for him was when a professional on Kretaro told them about him getting placed in HCL and thanked them for helping him in the journey, Bikash considers this as the first milestone as for what kretaro was started.

The company has flourished so well in no time and has recently started its pilot with a couple of organizations. The company claims to have over 36000 credible professionals who are establishing their credibility.

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