Porinju Veliyath – An inspiration for young entrepreneurs

Porinju Veliyath rose from a normal family background to a groundbreaking investor and fund manager. Let us uncover some facts that make him an inspiration for young entrepreneurs.



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Success is guaranteed if you work smart and hard. If you have your focus in the right place, you can achieve anything. A real-life example of this statement is Porinju Veliyath. He rose from normal family background to a groundbreaking investor and fund manager. In this article, we will disclose the life of Porinju Veliyath.


About Porinju Veliyath

Porinju Veliyath was born on 6 June 1962 in Thrissur Kerala in a middle-class family. He is currently 57 years old. Porinju Veliyath is married to Litty Porinju and has two kids Shilpa Porinju and Sunny Porinju. He graduated from Government Law College, Ernakulam, with a Bachelor’s in Law. He is also known as Francis.


Porinju Veliyath – Career

Porinju Veliyath started working in Kotak Securities in Mumbai in 1990. He was a floor trader then. He left Kotak and worked as a research analyst and fund manager in Parag Parikh Securities. He worked there till 1999.

He launched his fund management firm Equity Intelligence in 2002, which focused on value investments. He began Lever Ayush, an ayurvedic care product brand as a joint venture with Hindustan Unilever Limited. The brand was a success. According to Porinju Veliyath Portfolio, he holds 27.7 crores in Corporate shareholdings. He manages his funds and portfolio. He has also published a book in 2008 named Ohariyiloode Engane Nettam Koyyam, which is a guide to smart investments.


Porinju Veliyath Social Media Presence

Porinju Veliyath twitter handler is @porinju. The account has 1.13 million followers. He joined twitter in 2009 and is active in the platform. He shares his political opinions, investment tips on his account. If you love to invest, you should definitely follow the account. Porinju Veliyath is not present on Instagram.

Check out his twitter account here.


Porinju Veliyath Net Worth

As of 2019, he has 13 stocks holding in the stock market worth 23.3 crores. Some of his investments, which resulted in a massive profit, were Arvind Smart spaces, Balkrishna Paper mil, BDH industries, Globus spirits, and many more. 

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