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#BangaloreRains – How people are expressing their sentiments amid lockdown

Bangalore experienced showers of heavy rainfall today. Let's see how people are expressing their sentiments amid the lockdown
Bangalore experienced showers of heavy rainfall today. Let’s see how people are expressing their sentiments amid the lockdown.

This morning, Bengaluru woke up to heavy rains with thunder and lightning. Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, the heavy unseasonal rains became another matter of concern for the citizens. Several citizens took to Twitter to express their worries. All these recent events seem like human civilization is facing the vengeance of nature.

Bengaluru residents experienced heavy unseasonal rains this morning. The downpour lasted for a few hours and flooded the low lying areas of the city. Also, there was a dip in temperature.

Citizens took to twitter to express their concerns and shared photos & videos of the unexpected showers. Subsequently, #BangaloreRains began to trend on the social media platform.

Take a look at what Twitterati said.

Unseasonal showers in Bengaluru!

Bengaluru witnessed torrential downpour accompanied by lightning and thunder last week too.

As per the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre (KSNDMC), the city experienced an average of 45 mm rain since Tuesday midnight, with some areas receiving more than 65 mm.

Several regions were flooded, and trees were uprooted in places such as Garudacharpalya, Basaveshwaranagar, Vylikaval, and Koramangala. Citizens also complained about the power cuts that followed the torrential downpour.

Some parts of Kerala also experienced heavy showers yesterday. The weather forecast Department confirmed that scattered downpours would be seen in Kerala and Mahe in the next three days.

The meteorological also claimed that the inner parts of northern Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Goa are likely to receive rain and thunderstorm starting from today till May 1.

Rapidly rising COVID-19 Cases in India!

The number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in India has crossed the 31,000 mark. So far, 1008 people have died due to the fatal virus. Maharashtra remains the worst hit with more than 9000 cases, followed by Gujarat and Delhi in the second and third places, respectively.

The year 2020 seems like humans are facing the wrath of nature. First, the Australian fires, then the COVID-19 pandemic, and now amid this pandemic, Bengaluru is experiencing floods. All the people out there are requested to stay indoors and take all the mandatory precautions. Let’s pray for the best.