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Behind the curtains of Patiala’s exotic café, The Crave Lab

The Crave Lab founder Prateek Chugh
The Crave Lab founder Prateek Chugh
“I was always inclined towards cooking. It adds value to my existence whenever someone says ‘yummy’ for the food I cooked.”

– Prateek Chugh

Who doesn’t love having Italian food with strawberry shakes side by? Well, just how much you’re missing having continental cuisines, we have brought you the best food stop! We’ve all heard of Oreo shakes and Nutella sandwiches but what if you get a shake with a combination of Oreo and Nutella? I know even I couldn’t resist by just imagining how satisfying that drink would be. So here are a few more insights into a place disguised as heaven, ‘The Crave Lab’.

The Crave Lab founder Prateek Chugh with Garima Johar (Team TimesNext)
The Crave Lab founder Prateek Chugh with Garima Johar (Team TimesNext)

Prateek Chugh is the founder of this newly launched, mind-boggling café’, ‘The Crave Lab’.  A flawlessly designed café with utter sophistication. The Crave Lab has been one of the leading sponsors at several events. The student clubs of Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, one of the most sought after universities like URJA and TFF had The Crave Lab its snack partner. Prateek himself believes in serving people with quality food under a friendly budget. He loves to experiment with whatever is available in the kitchen and creates marvellous fusions. Let’s dive in to know how his life shaped up from making Maggie to the proud owner of The Crave Lab (1).

A Glance At The Past

Prateek belongs to Delhi and was fascinated by experimenting with different food items. He craved to be a chef since he was in his 9th standard and used to provide a helping hand to his mother in the kitchen. He started his career by working at Vistara in the years 2018 and 2019.

I learnt one thing about myself working at Vistara, it makes me feel content while serving others,”

says Prateek.

He then went to the University of Michigan to pursue his dreams. After coming back to India he was sure enough what he wanted to do with his life. He craved to open a place of his own where he could mix up the ingredients and look at the beaming faces of the customers. Narrowing it down to a few places, he chose Patiala as his mother originally belonged to this place. Having heard a lot about the students of Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, he bought a place nearby and decorated it himself. It took him two months to plan out the interior design. The speciality of the paintings inside is that each table has something to click pictures with.

Inside The Crave Lab

The Crave Lab, Patiala
The Crave Lab, Patiala

The proud owner states that he ensures that each customer is welcomed with warmth and love. He goes up to them and asks them how their day was and interests them in the speciality of the place. All the staff members are treated like his own family members and have lunch all together. He strongly considers that there isn’t any work so petty or menial that he couldn’t do. From washing the dishes to serving the cuisine, he does it all happily.

Furthermore, the place is well lit and is quite a catch at night with dazzling lighting. It is a family place with no service of hard drinks for families to come, relax and be treated with the best of food. The aroma of the freshly prepared food with real vegetables and no packed items is breathtaking. If you’re looking for a place to spend a luxurious weekend, The Crave Lab awaits spreading its aura.

Fresh Food Fusion

the crave lab

Prateek prepares and presents the food along with a team of well-trained chefs. He says that he has an urge to make everything perfect before serving so that there is no such item he leaves unattended. Not only using all unadulterated food times but also organic fruits and vegetables to add colours to the dish, he steals the heart of his customers. Buying the most loved Havmor ice cream for the thick shakes; he nowhere leaves a scope for degradation of the quality of food served.

They have a unique concept of staircase pizza in which each slice is served on subsequent levels baked-on varying temperatures. Each slice of the pizza is warm enough for you to enjoy till the end.  Be it selecting Amul Gold, which is the purest form of milk or using freshly cut vegetables to make nutrient-rich soup; he has left no stone unturned to maintain the quality of his food.

To Sum Up

Prateek is a man who has cooking in his blood. He experiments and creates amazing fusions which will leave you awestruck. He thoroughly enjoys to communicate with his customers and taking their feedback on his creations. Delivering food with the best possible ingredients, fitting well within your pocket; he promises to make you want to come back again.