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Are you a freelancer? Here are the best freelancing websites for you

Today, we take a look at some of the best freelancing websites that can provide you the job that matches your skill attribute

Today, the market is constantly changing, and when I say market, it is the market of opportunities that are drying out fast. Employment is a crisis, and thus the solution was to outsource work, and thus, freelancing websites were born. As a freelancer, you can be your boss and deal with the inflow and outflow of work.

With the present COVID-19 situation, the freelancing sector has indeed started to boom, and its impact is being observed. Freelancing websites like Applancer, Fiverr, and take the cake as the best portals. Being a freelancer is all about skill and how your skill differs from the rest of your contemporaries. Here are some of the best freelancing websites that will support you achieve your gig!

Choosing a freelancing website

Before we get to the freelancing websites, an adequate understanding of the freelancing sector is essential. If you’re a fresher or experienced, having that essential skill set will speed up your path to better jobs. A basic freelancer skill set involves:

• Patience

• Discipline

• Knowledge

Gone were the days when flexibility was a thing for freelancing websites. Now, it’s all about your response to a given deadline, immediate knowledge, and understanding of the problem, and effective logical problem-solving skills. If you master these basic freelancing tips, you can handle the most stringent jobs out there that many in-house employees fail to figure out.

Many freelancing websites thus aim to make the work experience simplified and less toxic. Freelancing websites help improve the work from home situation. The sector has been estimated to rise eventually by 2025, and the present situation proves it all.

The best Freelancing websites

As a person with a skillset of your desired work line, you enjoy the maximum freedom to select a freelancing job that matches your feasibility. The most commonly chosen freelancing jobs are in the IT Sector. Apart from that, an extensive range of jobs that these freelancing websites support are- content writing, coding, copywriting, graphic designing, video editing, branding, Human Resourcing, Web Development, and much more to explore!

Progressively, many are becoming dependent on these freelancing websites, and it gets harder to land a job, and that’s why having a proper portfolio is very crucial to breaking the selection barrier in such a saturated freelancing industry. For this, the first step is to analyze the freelancing websites you would want to apply to, and these websites have a standard or level requirement to even obtain one-

1. Applancer

freelancing websites

Applancer (1) is well-known and is one the best when it comes to approaching a freelancing job. You can find leading companies with verified reviews. With a powerful system that helps you match your skillset with similar jobs, you can save time. Unlike some freelancing websites, Applancer follows a zero commission policy; thus, keeping you motivated with a 100% monetary benefit.

2. Fiverr

freelancing websites

Fiverr (2) has been considered as the most commonly chosen freelancing website in the world, with a user base of more than a million. This freelancing website is responsible for the rapid growth of freelancers due to its better work ethics and higher pay. Even though this freelancing website might bite a bigger commission out of your earnings, it does help you land a gig in your desired field.

3. Upwork

freelancing websites

Ranked as the best freelancing websites, Upwork (3) certainly does help to kick start your freelance journey. Posting a job is free, and collaboration is easy. Top companies like Microsoft, Google outsource their work to the freelancing website, and payment has never been more simplified.

4. Toptal


One of the toughest freelancing websites that only guarantee a top-tier hire for world-class talent, getting a job on this freelancing website, wouldn’t be a cakewalk. Your work is observed, and networking is very crucial to stay updated. Staged and very rigorous interviews ensure that you are the right fit for the job in companies like Hewlett-Packard, Google, and many more.

Toptal (4) also awards more advantages to the freelancers who get through these tests with a higher review and an elevated resume, making sure that your next gig on any freelancing website is guaranteed.

5. Guru


Known as the general freelancing website, Guru (5) is a freelancing website that panders to all sorts of freelancers. It is cost-effective and simple to apply. It is also flexible with payments and cost-effective while applying. It provides a broad range of jobs, from writing to programming and so on. The workforce on the freelancing websites garners an estimated 3 million freelancers.

The freelancing website provides verified and updated reviews that show the employer your skills and past work experience. Even though the pay scale might be of a more limited range, it aims to provide a simple working environment for better results and reduce the experience of in-house work burnout.


freelancing websites (6) is a freelancing and simple website for basic freelancers. This freelancing website has a huge number of users due to its favorable reach with companies like Microsoft, SAP, Intel, etc. Job opportunities like copywriting, coding, translations, proofreading, etc. are the most opted jobs on the website.

The freelancing website is a huge boon to freshers who can easily commence a career with low skill sets. The website also recommends certain courses to improve your skill. Corporate hires occur easily, and communication is simplified as well.

7. Solidgigs


Solidgigs (7) scores well among its users, and it is regarded as one the best out there for both jobs as well as training. The algorithm on the freelancing website is one of the best because it provides the top 3% of the best jobs vacant for the day. The freelancing website additionally has an array of courses that can improve your resume and skill knowledge. This is widely beneficial for the freshers. The freelancing website has a huge curated collection of templates and resources and helps learn how to negotiate with clients and perform better at work with a shocking low monthly subscription rate.

Freelancing websites are a boon to the employment force that is saturating at a more rapid rate. With low in-house work efficiency, it gets costlier to maintain a huge number of employees making unemployment a crisis. These freelancing websites are of great value and help to initiate the real change because it hosts a huge base of talent across the globe that, when met with flexible features of the freelancing website, can make the output more efficient and perfect.

If you’re an aspiring freelancer, make your move right away. Explore your options with every freelancing website, thus, improving your chances of landing a job.