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Best UPI app in India – List of the Top UPI apps in our country.

UPI is a single platform that helps in negotiating amounts between various bank accounts. So below let us check the Top UPI apps which are popular in India.

Article Index:

1. Introduction

2. How did UPI get developed?

3. Top UPI Apps in India:

3.1 PhonePe

3.2 Paytm

3.3 MobiKwik

3.4 Google Pay


4. Conclusion

1. Introduction:

UPI abbreviated as the Unified Payments Interface has revolutionized the way of performing translations in India. You do not require any tool or other things that get required for additional payment while using UPI. All you need is just your mobile phone, and the rest work gets done by UPI itself.

After the period of demonetization, Indians needed a cashless way or tool of performing transactions that can help them with their daily life. Then entered UPI, which has today made millions of people involve in cashless transactions easily and freely without any hurdles or disturbances.

2. How did UPI get developed?

UPI got developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to facilitate all the banking needs of the citizens of the country. It gets regulated by the Reserve Bank Of India and helps in instantly transferring the funds between bank accounts just by using your mobile.

You can use transact money into multiple bank accounts by using this system. So, we can tell that UPI is a single platform that helps in negotiating amounts between various bank accounts. So below let us check the Top UPI apps which are popular in India.

3. Top UPI Apps in India:

3.1 PhonePe

One of the most popular and leading UPI apps of India, PhonePe, uses the UPI system for transacting money into various activities or services which help in our day to day life. PhonePe also offers all its customers in using its lucrative PhonePe wallet, which can quickly help in faster transactions.

PhonePe was a subsidiary organization under Flipkart. Hence, Flipkart was the first organization that started to support PhonePe transactions. Only recently, when Walmart purchased Flipkart, PhonePe became an independent organization. PhonePe comprises of many lucrative features such as PhonePe switch, cashback offers, and scratch card facilities.

Below we will mention three prominent features of PhonePe and why is it leading in our list of best UPI apps of India:

3.1.1 It provides the fastest and quickest Money transfer:

PhonePe does not require any pin or password to use it as you directly reach to its dashboard and select the facilities you want to enjoy. Only when you are going to pay from your bank, you may require or enter your UPI pin or password as it is a part of providing security to the user.

Unlike other apps, PhonePe offers simple steps through which customers can send their money, which is the reason it is the fastest UPI app compared to other apps in the market.

3.1.2 You can repeat your payments or transaction easily through PhonePe:

You have made a transaction on the app, and you want to repeat the deal, then it is quite simple if you are using PhonePe. You can just select the sale you want to happen again, and press repeat this transaction button. Yes, that’s how simple it is. Every purchase of yours gets store in the history of PhonePe transactions from where you can easily select one and repeat it.

This type of transaction will help you in paying your bills such as the Internet, Electricity, Telephone, Mobile Recharge, or Utility.

3.1.3 PhonePe comprises of the best customer support team who solve all your grievances at the earliest:

The app presents a grievance column where all customers can list their claims. The complaints may include failed transactions, cashback not getting credited to their account, or transactions where money has got debited from their account, but the operation has failed. All such problems will get efficiently solved the PhonePe team.

The PhonePe team is always ready to help its customers, and they are present to save your grievances throughout the day. This feature is the reason why most users do not come up with complaints regarding the working process of the PhonePe app as customers can address their grievances directly from the app. It does not need any third-party system like writing an email or calling to a toll-free number.

3.2 Paytm

The first UPI app, which got launched in the Indian Market Paytm, was hugely successful during the demonetization period. It was the Paytm UPI app that first brought the concept of digital wallets that has been popular today. Today many merchants all over India predominantly use Paytm for their transactions, though the UPI interface is not as good as PhonePe as it got launched lately.

It also presents numerous other features such as bank transfers, cash backs, mobile recharge, and bill payments and also offers you an option through which you can book movie tickets through it. Let us find the prominent features of Paytm below which has made it one of the popular UPI apps in India:

3.2.1 Paytm gets widely accepted by everyone and especially by merchants:

If you just step out of your house, you can easily find Paytm QR codes everywhere around you. Right from small fruit merchants to big electronic shopping malls, everyone houses the Paytm QR code with them.

The reason for this is also that Paytm was the UPI app to come into existence, and it got hugely popular during the demonetization period. Though there have been other UPI apps that are storming into the market, still many vendors use Paytm only as they are unaware of the other UPI apps.

3.2.2 Paytm UPI app presents hundreds of features:

At first, Paytm started as a mobile wallet digital platform. But over the years, Paytm has increased its roots to every other horizon and started many services over time. You can use any assistance with the help of the Paytm app, right from the school fee payment of your child to toll charges at a national highway. Paytm has also started the facilities of providing mutual funds and investing in gold.

3.2.3 Paytm also gets referred to as the ‘Payments Bank’:

Similar to other banks, Paytm has also started its banking feature called the ‘Paytm Payments Bank.’ It allows you to score interest on your funds stored in the Payments Bank. It also has other features that are similar to the credit as well as debit cards provided by banks. Customers can purchase their favorite things and pay for the same later with the help of ‘Paytm Payments Bank.’

3.3 MobiKwik

MobiKwik is another UPI app that rose into prominence in the demonetization period. Though this app doesn’t present as many features get seen in PhonePe and Paytm, MobiKwik does have its own set of useful features.

You can quickly transfer your funds, pay bills, recharge your mobile, and also invest in something using this app.

Some key features of MobiKwik get listed below:

3.3.1 It houses the best user interface which has got loaded by millions of customers till now:

Unlike other UPI apps, MobiKwik presents the best user interface, which is quite excellent. It has a unique dashboard that displays only those options which get dominantly used by its customers, such as transferring money or pay to the merchant. The balance of the account receives shown upfront in its dashboard. Adding money to the MobiKwik wallet is all a one-step process.

3.3.2 It presents a lucrative Auto Recharge option:

The auto-recharge option is one of the best features you can find in any UPI app. This auto-recharge option is one lucrative that one you choose a recharge plan and want to recharge the same method every time you can just opt for the auto-recharge option.

This option helps in getting your recharge done soon after the validity of your plan gets over. This feature is brilliant and reduces the hassle and hullabaloo around mobile recharges. What’s more noteworthy is that people can use this feature for their bill payments as well.

3.3.3 MobiKwik app helps in managing your expenses efficiently:

Managing your account and keeping a track on it is quite a tiresome and tough job. Thanks to MobiKwik, it is quite easy as it presents the feature called ‘Expense Manager.’

The expense manager reads the records of all your cashless transactions and shows the amount or expenses you made in a month. The expense manager also offers the account of your costs from previous months.

3.4 Google Pay

Google pay, previously known as Tez, is another popular UPI app in India. It was the first UPI app in India, which brought the lucrative scratch card options of getting cashback. Unlike other UPI apps, Google Pay does not use a digital wallet. It is just a UPI app and doesn’t have a purse.

But you can perform every transaction which is UPI supported. Google Pay also gives scratch cards for purchases. These scratch cards provide users with rewards in the form of money.

The best features of Google Pay are:

3.4.1 It is the most secure app compared to all other UPI apps:

Unlike other apps, Google Pay requires a PIN to open the app. This PIN is directly connected with the Google servers and hence cannot get hacked. This feature makes it one of the most secure apps in the Indian market. It also makes use of a patented technology which helps in recognizing unauthorized transactions.

3.4.2 The attractive ‘Tez Mode’:

Google Pay comprises of an attractive feature named as the ‘Tez Mode.’ The Tez mode is so unique that it easily allows you to transfer Monet you the people nearby you. It doesn’t need any phone number, but the person has to stay near you for this mode of Google Pay to work.

3.4.3 The Chat and Request Payment feature:

Another Google Pay feature that is unique is the Chat and Request Payment feature. In this feature, the recipient can chat with the other person before starting the transaction.

It also allows other customers to request money from any merchant or friend in case they want to borrow or lend money to others. Google Pay is the only UPI app which has this Chat and Request Payment feature.


The UPI app, which has got developed directly from the State Bank of India, BHIM SBI, is the UPI payments app primarily made for UPI fund transfer. Though mostly it got designed for UPI fund transfers, the State Bank of India later added some more features to this app to increase its engagement among the citizens of India. Below let us find out some important feature of this UPI Payments app:

3.5.1 It enables you to check your balance quickly:

Just like MobiKwik, even the BHIM SBI app presents the balance checking dashboard from where customers can quickly check their balance after every transaction. What’s more interesting is that. It gets directly connected with your SBI account, which makes it work even more flawlessly.

3.5.2 It presents a cleaner and safer user interface:

The app displays a limited set of features and focuses only on UPI based transactions and does the same job efficiently. Because of the presence of limited features, the app has excellent readability because of which it houses a cleaner interface.

3.5.3 It is very secure:

For years, the State Bank of India has been the trusted name among all the citizens of India. Just like the bank, even the UPI payment app is entirely secure and trustworthy among its users. To open this app, the customer has to enter his six-digit M-PIN or password. This feature makes the app more reliable than other UPI payment apps in the market.

4. Conclusion:

So that was our list of the Top UPI payment apps in the Indian Market. These apps help in easing out the pressure of our daily activities like paying bills, getting mobile recharges done, or booking movie tickets along with shopping.

These apps help us to do everything in a more easier and faster way. We can tell that today, because of the advent of UPI payment apps, our lives have become a lot easier and fresher.