Commuting forms a large part of the life of an employee. While some go miles to reach their office via two-wheelers, others choose public transport as their source of commuting. How many of you have wondered how easy it would become if we had access to clean and affordable drinking water available on your daily commute.

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BharatJal was founded to further the Malik Foundation’s mission to serve the daily commuters on Road who go from Home to work, where clean drinking water is one of the biggest issues being faced by them at affordable pricing for Safe & Clean drinking water.

Bharat Jal Team - Feroz Malik (Founder & CEO), Amita Malik (Co-Founder and Director), Tanya Malik (Founding Member) and Arun Batra (CEO)
Bharat Jal Team – Feroz Malik (Founder & CEO), Amita Malik (Co-Founder and Director), Tanya Malik (Founding Member) and Arun Batra (Co-Founder & CEO)

The founding members are Amita Malik (graduate from Hindu College, University of Delhi), Feroz Malik (graduate of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, University of Delhi) and Tanya Malik (graduate of St. Xaviers College, Mumbai and University College, London).

The company, lead by Feroz Malik and CEO & Co-Founder Arun Batra boasts of a founding and management team with over eight decades of cumulative experience. Spread over various fields and industries, the common linking factor in the team is the successful execution and management of past ventures.

What is Bharat Jal?

bharat jal
Source: BharatJal

Bharat Jal is a water-tech initiative driving quality water treatment and making potable water accessible to the commuter through a network of Tamper Proof Electric Motor Vehicles (EMVs).

Satellite water plants that filter 2000 litres of water per hour are established at multiple locations in the Delhi/NCR Region and drinking water is supplied through electric 3-wheeler vending machines. Through this accessible delivery mechanism, Bharat Jal is revolutionising the process of accessing and delivering Safe, clean, drinking water in the country. While the focus of Bharat Jal has been on supplying treated water in Delhi, the ramp-up plans include expanding to other regions in the Capital and eventually the entire nation.

Source: BharatJal

Bharat Jal is supplying clean and safe drinking water to the daily travellers through Electric Mobile Vehicles (EMVs), making it easily accessible and affordable, while at the same time reducing the use of Single-Use Plastic.

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