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Big Businesses Grant Relief Funds to Fight Against Coronavirus

In these tough times, many industrialists and entrepreneurs are stepping up and donating towards the PM relief fund to help our country.

Aditya Birla Group has granted an Rs. 500 Cr fund to fight the virus

Aditya Birla Group

One of the world’s most respectable companies, Aditya Birla, has donated Rs. 500 Cr to fight the virus and to manufacture the required testing kits, ventilators, and many other essentials. The current CEO, Kumar Mangalam Birla (1), has granted this fund a few days back. In this, Rs. 400 Cr will go to the PM Cares Fund, Rs. 50 Cr will reach the FICCI Aditya Birla CSR Centre for COVID-19 relief and the last Rs. 50 Cr set aside to manufacture and supply the ventilators, testing kits, and many other essentials.

Hyundai, the leading automobile company, commits support towards the Central and State governments to fight against COVID-19


The Hyundai Motor India Foundation has released a statement on Saturday that stated the Hyundai company would contribute significant relief funds to fight against COVID-19.

The Foundation has also mentioned that it will support the Indian Medical Fraternity by providing testing kits, protective kits, and other equipment.

The Foundation stated that it would contribute towards the PM RELIEF fund, initiated to help the lower-middle-class people of India. The automobile company will also donate to the Tamil Nadu Ministers Public Relief Fund. Finally, during an interview, the head of the Foundation also mentioned that 25000 Diagnostic and testing kits for COVID-19 would be imported from South Korea very soon.

CK Birla Group grants Rs. 35 Cr Relief Fund to battle against Coronavirus

CK Birla Group

The CK Birla Group has pledged to donate Rs.35 Cr to help our Virus-stricken country. In this, Rs 25 Cr was contributed towards the PM CARES Fund, and the rest Rs. 10 Cr would be used to manufacture and buy testing kits, ventilators, and other essentials. The CK Birla Group also stated that the employees were also making personal contributions voluntarily to help our country.

Nestlé India announces an Rs. 15 Cr grant to help the nation

Nestlé India

Indian’s most favorite chocolate and sweets company, Nestlé, had initiated a grant of about Rs. 15 Cr to provide food and to help the needy to meet their essential requirements. Nestlé had also mentioned that this grant would be used to import and buy ventilators, testing, and diagnostic kits also. This donation will help the needy very much as they will be providing food and other essential groceries. Initially, the company donated Rs. 1 Cr toward Narayana Hrudayalaya Foundation to buy the required ventilators. In an interview, the head of Nestlé India stated that they have also started to distribute food personally to the people and have even donated many of their products to the state governments expecting them to distribute it.