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BTC vs INR: How CryptoViral helps you track the price and latest news on Bitcoin

CryptoViral is the ultimate crypto news aggregator platform that assists its users, the crypto enthusiasts and serious crypto
CryptoViral is the ultimate crypto news aggregator platform that assists its users, the crypto enthusiasts and serious crypto-traders.

We are a digital generation living our lives online. Today, thanking the digital revolution which took over India, the majority of the manual tasks are done online, increasing accessibility for their audience. Bitcoin is one of the leading cryptocurrency in the world that stands as the first-ever cryptocurrency invented.

Satoshi Nakamoto (1), an unknown identity, published the cryptocurrency publically in 2009. Bitcoin is a decentralized virtual currency without any administrator or central bank that functions on a secure peer-to-peer Bitcoin network that uses the blockchain technology.

CryptoViral – Track & Stay Updates on Bitcoin at One Platform

CryptoViral crypto news aggregator

For crypto enthusiasts and crypto traders, it is essential to keep track of the latest information from around the word about the latest crypto-happenings. CryptoViral is an ultimate crypto news aggregator platform that has been assisting its users by providing all the updates regarding the crypto world at one stop. Another news aggregator is cryptopanic.

Not only does the platform provides its users with the latest crypto news, but it also helps them stay up-to-date with the current price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies in the market. Here’s how CryptoViral enables you to track the price and the latest news on the crypto world.

1. Track Bitcoin & Other Altcoins Live

CryptoViral allows its users to track the price of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, simultaneously while reading the news at its platform. The tab for checking the crypto price is located on the right side of the page and represents the price fluctuations on the cryptocurrency in the box.

The cryptocurrencies that you can monitor at CryptoViral include,

  • Bitcoin (2)
  • Ethereum (3)
  • Ripple (4)
  • EOS
  • Litecoin

2. Latest Crypto News From Multiple Sources

CryptoViral gathers and accumulates crypto news from multiple sources, forming a perfect blend of news for its audience. It is a crypto news aggregator and Bitcoin news aggregator that automatically updates users with the recent crypto-related news published by any of its collaborated news platforms at CryptoViral.

Some of the crypto news sources for CryptoViral are,

  • Coinnounce
  • CoinTelegraph
  • ChainTimes
  • NewsBTC

3. Live Twitter & Reddit Updates

Unlike other major crypto news platforms, CryptoViral provides its users with all the latest updates on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at its platform straight and unfiltered from Twitter and Reddit. All the news published on platforms about the latest crypto happenings can take over an hour to be converted into a publication by an editor. However, with straight Reddit and Twitter updates, users can be informed about the latest crypto news instantly.

Note: All the Twitter and Reddit updates are extracted from authorized crypto profiles, eliminating the chance of fake news.

4. Vote Bearish, Bullish or Flag

Additionally, the CryptoViral crypto news aggregator platform allows its users to vote Bearish, Bullish, or Flag the content posted on the website according to the news content. If a user feels that news can cause harm to the sentiments of the crypto community through its fake news, it can be flagged by the user immediately. Once a piece of news gathers five Flags, it will immediately be removed from the platform.

5. Add Altcoin of Choice

Another unique feature offered by the crypto news aggregator platform is that a user can add the altcoin of their choice to keep track of on the board. Simply head to the CryptoViral homepage and locate the price tracker on the right side of the page. Click on the Add Coin option and keep track of the price of your favorite cryptocurrencies in a few clicks.

You can check the price of your desired cryptocurrency at CryptoViral in three ways,

  • Via 24-hour price fluctuation
  • Via coin market cap
  • Via coin volume

6. Trusted Sources

CryptoViral only gathers news from trusted and reliable sources, ensuring that all the information provided to its users through its platform is legit. Fake news can create a situation of panic amongst the users, especially the serious crypto traders who have invested a large sum of money into the market.

Visit the CryptoViral platform by clicking here.


Overall, CryptoViral is the best platform to check the Bitcoin price in INR in India while simultaneously glancing at the events that are causing the price to fluctuate in the market. Staying informed with the information on the latest crypto happenings assists crypto enthusiasts in figuring out the price predictions while assisting the crypto traders in making sound investment decisions at the right time.