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Buzzing Trends: Mobility Stretching, Beekeeping, Claw Clips and More

These exploding trends offer various capitalization opportunities for businesses: Mobility Stretching, Beekeeping, Claw Clips
These exploding trends offer various capitalization opportunities for businesses: Mobility Stretching, Beekeeping, Claw Clips, Sensory Art, and Clowns.

Mobility Stretching

The term refers to the ability of our joints to move through a full range of motions with no discomfort. It is different from flexibility, which is the ability of our muscles to lengthen fully.

The concept, now the new darling of the fitness world, is big on social media. There are more than 4.7 million posts for #mobility and 36.7k posts with #mobilitychallenge. Other popular individual joints:

  • #hipmobility: 266k posts
  • #shouldermobility: 161k posts
  • #anklemobility: 53.5k posts

Mobility influencers are also becoming a thing, with Ben Patrick, @kneesovertoesguy, gaining over 810k followers on Instagram. Other notable influencers include Kelly Starrett, @thereadystate with over 377k followers, and Jeffrey Wolf, @theflexibull, with more than 44k followers. Notably, Wolf also offers a range of mobility training programs costing about 50 USD a month.

In addition, mobility apps such as GOWOD and ROMWOD have hundreds of thousands of downloads, charging about 10 to 14 USD a month (1, 2).

The space is still wide open. Businesses can capitalize on this trend by offering virtual and in-person classes, teacher training programs, e.g., Kelly Starett’s coaching courses cost about 1k USD and even retreats (3).

Another attractive niche includes mobility equipment. This startup, Mr. 1nf1n1ty (4), already sells grip strips, floss bands, floor mats, and nordic straps. As per Jungle Scout, their wooden slant board for ankle mobility and calf stretches makes about 208k USD a month on Amazon (5).

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As bee populations have come under threat in recent years, backyard and urban beekeeping have gained popularity.

The hobby witnessed a renewed interest last year when searches for “how to keep bees” reached an all-time high (6), as people worldwide were cooped up in their homes amid the pandemic looking for ways to reconnect with nature.

r/Beekeeping, Source: Subreddit Stats
r/Beekeeping, Source: Subreddit Stats

There is still an opening for entrepreneurs to enter the space and help novice beekeepers with coaching and mentoring.

You can also offer apicultural newbies:

  • Equipment, as per Jungle Scout, one of the beekeeping suits brings in over 91k USD a month on Amazon (7)
  • Courses, a beginner course costs about 65 USD on Udemy (8)
  • Content/newsletter

Another interesting niche gaining traction is honey wine, also known as mead, believed to be the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage (9).

r/Mead, Source: Subreddit Stats
r/Mead, Source: Subreddit Stats

Notably, the r/Mead subreddit exploded over 73% in 2020 with hobbyists and aspiring craft meaderies. Coincidentally the global mead market is also witnessing a boom and is expected to reach 800 million USD by 2025, up about 96% from 408 million USD in 2018 (10).

You can also offer educational content for beekeepers looking to turn their honey into wine or subscription boxes complete with yeast, honey, and equipment for those looking to enter the space without their hives.

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Claw Clips

Those who were around in the ’90s may remember claw clips. This popular hair accessory made it easy for people to manage their long hair without the hassles like tension headaches often caused by ponytails or barrettes.

The search interest on Google indicates that claw clips are back and may follow the lead of other resurrected hair accessories such as scrunchies and spiral hair ties, minting millions (11, 12).

One of the simplest ways entrepreneurs can capitalize on this trend is to sell claw clips.

According to Jungle Scout, Amazon searches for claw clips have been up 360% over the past three months.

Reviews indicate that people love the colors. However, they are looking for claw clips with:

  • Long-lasting paint peel
  • Durable teeth and spring
  • Wider clip to handle luscious hair locks
claw clips
Source: Amazon

Now, if you make a general search on Amazon for claw clips, you will notice that return results are for women only.

Notably, there are active communities of men with long hair who may respond to something designed for them (13).

For instance, the r/FierceFlow subreddit for men with long hair has more than 100k subscribers, which has been multiplied in size since the coronavirus lockdown.

Sensory Art

Sensory art, a fancy name for a slew of crafts such as finger painting, is designed to engage multiple senses simultaneously.

The art has its roots in integration theory and is believed to help children, including those with autism, develop keener problem-solving skills, creativity, and emotional regulation.

You can capitalize on this trend by providing monthly subscription boxes with everything parents may require for new art projects delivered at their doorstep. You can draw project inspiration from Pinterest boards (14). You can also niche down on this trend and cater to parents of autism or other special requirement groups.

You can also start a free email drip campaign for curated sensory art activities and use it to build an audience for your other parenting-related products.

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Another way you can monetize this trend is by targeting OTs, occupational therapists who work with children to overcome any preexisting disabilities and injuries.

According to a survey published by The Indian Journal of Occupational Therapy (15), there are about 6k occupational therapists in India, and the demand for them is surging at a rapid pace.

They may benefit from online communities, subscription boxes, courses, or newsletters that may help them bring this concept into practice.

Lastly, there is also a range of sensory play toys that make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on Amazon, as per Jungle Scout. For instance, this Sand and Water Table makes more than 329k USD a month, Fidget Poppers, 479k USD a month, and Bulk Rubber Ducks, 951k USD a month (16, 17, 18).


A circus in north Ireland recently made headlines when it claimed that visa issues related to the coronavirus pandemic had incited a critical shortage of clowns (19).

If you are surprised to hear the soaring demand for clowns, you are not alone. Movies like The Joker and IT have certainly seemed to have affected people’s perceptions.

Nonetheless, searches for local party clowns are rising again, becoming increasingly popular in countries like India and Hong Kong (20).

Also, there is a global community of people who share a deep passion for physical comedy art, clowning. It could be a perfect niche business for you since:

  • It is a huge community with at least four professional clown associations, Clowns Internation, Shriners, the WCA, and the CAI. Each of these associations has thousands of members. According to SimilarWeb, Clown Antics also gets more than 50k visitors a month (21).
  • The art practitioners are also purpose-driven, working as professional entertainers or volunteers in schools, hospitals, and conflict zones. They will pay for connections and training that further their mission.

While clowns have a high CLTV, they are still way behind when it comes to technology. And it points out a different kind of opportunity; upgrading the technology of a passionate but underserved community.

Websites of Clown Industry are Most Often Clunky and Outdated, Source: ShrineClowns

There can be room for people with technical expertise to foray into the space and create even a seven-figure business via one or more of the following:

Online Paid Communities

Clowning is inherently a community-oriented industry. Clowns join local groups, also known as “alleys,” and pay about 40 USD a year to belong to clubs like World Clown Association (22).

You can take a step further and use modern tools such as Circle, Facebook, and Slack to connect the clown practitioners on a broader scale and provide an experience that other outdated groups can not match.

For instance, the growth of a subreddit, r/Clown, indicates what can happen when clowns get modern community tools.

Clown Reddit
r/Clown, Source: Subreddit Stats

Digital Media

According to data from Clowning Around magazine’s advertising rate card, there is a very high CPMs, about 50 to 200 USD (23).

There may be a possibility to find success with a niche newsletter for clowns, where you can monetize via ads, affiliate deals, or paid subscriptions. For example, Clown Antics offers about 10% to affiliates (24).

Education and Training

The Clown School charges about 300 to 900 USD for online clown classes (25). Another training institute, The Idiot Workshop, charges about 125 to 250 USD for different character development sessions (26).