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BYJU'S Counters U.S. Court Allegations, Asserts $533 Million Safely Parked

BYJU'S disputes U.S. court allegations, affirming that the contested $533 million remains securely within a subsidiary, amidst claims of opportunism and false narratives by creditors.

BYJU'S and the Battle Over $533 Million: A Tug of War with Creditors

In a dramatic turn of events in the legal saga involving BYJU’S, the edtech giant has come forward with a strong rebuttal against claims made by its term loan B (TLB) lenders. Following a recent uproar caused by a U.S. bankruptcy court's decision related to the alleged concealment of $533 million by BYJU'S, the company has accused its creditors of spinning false narratives and attempting to smear its reputation.

A Court Decision in Favor of BYJU’S?

BYJU’S announced that the judge presiding over the case on March 14 dismissed the creditors' plea for the deposit of the contentious $533 million into the court’s custody. Instead, the court favored an interim injunction that preserves the current situation, ensuring that the disputed funds remain with a BYJU’S subsidiary. The edtech leader emphasized that this decision aligns with its longstanding stance that the funds are securely held within one of its subsidiaries.

Accusations of Opportunism and Misinformation

The Bangalore-based education technology firm has not held back in its criticism of the lenders, denouncing them as opportunistic and accusing them of colluding with certain investors to leverage the company’s current challenges for undue gain. BYJU’S insists that the allegations against it are unfounded and pledges to continue its fight against what it views as a concerted effort to undermine its business and extract unjust financial concessions.

This legal controversy is just one of several challenges facing BYJU’S, which also includes a contentious $200 million rights issue that has led to significant valuation adjustments and calls from investors for a major overhaul of the company’s leadership and governance structure. Additionally, BYJU'S is grappling with financial strains that have resulted in delayed salary and vendor payments, further complicating its operational stability.