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The story of Chime, the leading digital banking company in the US


Chime: Banking made easier than ever

As the pandemic flipped around our lives, it influenced all portions of the community, regardless of how important it was. Also, most people got cautious about visiting bank offices, though it is a major help. Despite the fact that banks remained open during the lockdown, individuals began progressing to different choices. Most banks have seen a sound improvement of around 40 per cent in the area of online transactions. Individuals were progressively turning to the web for cash exchanges and bill payments using different banking and UPI applications. The US-based banking startup Chime has been an inspiration for many banks to embrace this change.

Chime was (1) founded by Chris Britt and Ryan King in 2013, and it has its headquarters in San Francisco. The official launch was April 15, 2014, on the Dr Phil Show. What makes Chime different is that they established it during the smartphone age. This allowed them to quickly begin an app for the customer’s convenience. The clients can use it for auditing their financial balances easily. They can control their credit cards and clear their enquiries with the client assistance operators.

The bank accounts by Chime have a guarantee up to the standard maximum deposit measure of 250,000 dollars. Their principal accomplices are the Bancorp Bank or Central National Bank, which rebranded itself as Stride Bank, N.A. in 2019. Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank also oversees the accounts on Chime. In contrast to conventional banks, which urge clients to pursue overdraft assurance and advances, Chime does not intend to push credit on its clients. They also have no base balance necessity, month to month expenses, or overdraft charges. The company offers a money-back remunerations program that gives clients discounts or money back at the hour of procurement.

A grand success

Over the years, Chime was able to grow into one of the most successful and leading digital banking app from the United States. By March 2019, the organisation had a valuation of 1.5 billion dollars. By the end of the year, Chime’s valuation quadrupled. They were able to bring up 500 million dollars in the latest round of adventure gathering pledges. Until this point, the organisation has raised 808.8 million dollars and presently has a value of 5.8 billion dollars. It had near 200 million dollars as assessed profit in 2019. Furthermore, Chime is hoping to venture into Visas and speculation administrations so as to keep up its initiative lead among challenger banks.

The experience that Chime has created for their individuals is truly setting the norm in banking administrations. Quite interestingly, the company has no branches, which makes them stand apart from the rest of the competitors. They give their account holders Visa debit cards and access to an internet banking framework open through The clients can also choose to carry out their proceedings by means of the mobile application for Android or iOS.

Chime wins most of its income from the gathering of the interchange. Interchange is the expense that banks charge to the trader who does a Mastercard or debit card instalment. It is to take care of the costs related to the authorisation and handling of card exchanges. An exchange based income model implies that gainfulness is dependent upon effectively boosting clients to make card buy exchanges normally. The various services and fee-free products that Chime provides encourages the customers to make more transactions. Some of these benefits are financial records with no base parity, an automatic reserve funds component, and early compensation access.

Products and partnerships

In September 2019, Chime dispatched SpotMe, which is an expense-free overdraft administration. This product was able to become a substitute for the conventional 35 dollar overdraft charge that most customary American Banks collect. Clients can overdraw their records up to – 100 dollars without bringing about an overdraft charge. When the maximum possible limit is reached, your requests will be declined. The CEO Chris Britt also expressed that Chime intends to dispatch a charge-free Mastercard in mid-2020. The new product plans to assist clients with building credit. The Mastercard item was in beta testing as of January 2020.

Chris Britt, the Co-Founder and CEO of Chime

In the third quarter of 2018, Chime had made its first acquisition by obtaining Pinch. It is a startup zeroed in on aiding recent college grads and young adults to assemble their financial assessments. They efficiently report the on-time lease instalments to credit departments. The founders of Pinch joined the board of directors at Chime as a part of this deal. In January 2020, Chime entered into a collaboration with the Dallas Mavericks and acquired the sponsorship of their jerseys. It was a part of a multiyear deal. The CEO of Chime, Chris Britt, Mavs proprietor Mark Cuban, and Mavs CEO Cynthia Marshall talked about the organisation at a public interview on 17 January 2020. Mark Cuban is also a financial partner in This startup which gives expense-free overdraft administrations is also a competitor of Chime’s product SpotMe.

Funding over the years

The major investors in Chime are Cathay Innovation, Menlo Ventures, Crosslink Capital and Aspect Ventures among many others. Crosslink Capital and Aspect Ventures both led the Series A round for 9 million dollars (May 2016) and 8 million dollars (Nov 2014) separately. Chime also raised 18 million dollars Series B in September 2017. Cathay Innovation drove this round with investment from Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures, Crosslink Capital, Forerunner Ventures, Homebrew and others. Menlo Ventures led the Series C round for Chime which raised 70 million dollars in May 2018. In the same month, the company reached the crossroads of one million accounts on the platform.

In March 2019, Chime raised 200 million dollars in their Series D funding. This investment from DST Global carried their valuation to 1.5 billion dollars and won them the Unicorn status. The company had close to 6.5 million accounts towards the end of that year. Chime conducted their series E round of funding in December 2019. This round raised 500 million dollars DST Global and took them to a valuation of 5.8 billion dollars. According to the statistics, Chime has raised 808.8 million dollars to date. In February 2020 amidst the full-fledged pandemic, they hit the milestone of eight million accounts.