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Chiswick Business Park - A Tour of the Amazing Workplace

Some famous companies like Swarovski, Starbucks, Singapore airlines, Pokemon, Pladis, Pernod Ricard, Paramount, IMG, Danone, and others have their offices in the Chiswick Business Park.

Chiswick Business Park
Image Source: EnjoyWork (2.1)

Chiswick Park comprises a necklace-like arrangement of 12 office buildings totaling 1.8 million square feet of award-winning space for accommodation, located in the heart of London.

Chiswick Business Park is spread over 33 acres. More than 10,000 guests are working at any time at the center. It has offices of more than 75 companies within the massive complex.

Some famous companies like Swarovski, Starbucks, Singapore airlines, Pokemon, Pladis, Pernod Ricard, Paramount, IMG, Danone, and others have their offices in the Chiswick Business Park.

Enjoy-Work Manages Chiswick Business Park

Enjoy-Work, a property management firm, is in charge of everything that goes on in Chiswick Park. As part of its management duties, the company offers a wide variety of services, amenities, and entertainment options for the Park's visitors.

The Enjoy-Work ideology seeks to build a space in which individuals can take pleasure in their work, which in turn leads to increased levels of productivity on the job.

Enjoy-Work provides property management, gardening, and maintenance services, a concierge service, and a calendar of regular activities geared specifically toward the facility's guests.

A Unique Business Park

Every structure in the Chiswick Business Park has its front door open to the Park's "inner garden," which includes a two-tiered lake, waterfall, decked promenade, pathways, event area, and vegetation.

In addition, the Park features over 45,000 square feet of retail space, which is home to a variety of businesses such as the on-site Virgin Active gym, restaurants, convenience stores, and a rotating roster of pop-up merchants and food vendors.

The philosophy that Chiswick Business Park is based on is that people that are contented in their lives are more dedicated, creative, and productive. A location of business that invigorates and replenishes its employees, motivating them to work more diligently, remain there for longer, and think of greater ideas. This ideology is perfectly visible when one visits the sprawling Chiswick Business Park.

Chiswick Business Park Location

Chiswick Park is not only in an excellent location for quick access to all the roads and railway network of London. It also benefits from being close to Chiswick's eclectic assortment of shops and restaurants.

The M4, the primary entry route into London from the west, passes through Chiswick Park and is located within two minutes.

The M25, which provides vital connections to every area of the United Kingdom, is only 14 minutes away. It should come as no surprise that Chiswick Park has become firmly established as a significant business destination for such a large number of the world's greatest companies.

Some Major Highlights of Connectivity of Chiswick Business Park

As we discussed earlier, the Business Park is easy to reach from anywhere in the world! The proper address of the Park is Chiswick Park Enjoy-work 566 Chiswick High Road, London W4 5YA.

Location of Chiswick Business Park. Image Source: EW(1.1)

Some of the highlights of the connectivity are as below:

  • Access to the Internet in the Chiswick Business Park
  • 4 International Airports and 1 National Airport in the vicinity
  • Five stations on the mainline and the subterranean
  • Fifteen minutes in the car to Terminal 5 at Heathrow
  • 2 minutes until you reach the M4
  • 14 minutes before we reach the M25
  • It's only a half-hour to St. Pancras International
  • Dedicated bus stops located within the Park
  • Ealing Broadway station on the Elizabeth line

About Wellbeing at Chiswick Business Park

Chiswick Business Park makes every effort to ensure the health and well-being of its staff members. By creating the most favorable conditions for great brands' development, we aim to facilitate outstanding commercial success.

The Campus was designed to focus on people's well-being, and as a result, it offers a setting in which people take pleasure in their job and are, as a result, more productive in their work.

Chiswick Business Park provides a wellness program that businesses can use to support their own mental, physical, social, environmental, financial, and emotional health initiatives.

To effectively manage its buildings, Chiswick Business Park monitor and improve aspects such as the quality of the air, the water, the light, and the comfort in each space, keeping in mind the day-to-day operations of the building as well as its future plans.

Chiswick Park provides a customized and holistic approach to all its guests in matters of health and wellbeing.

The Enjoy-Work team’s attention is currently being directed toward the health-related part of being healthy. Enjoy-Work Healthcare is a fully unified program that offers specific wellness services in cooperation with Chiswick Medical Centre, which is a part of HCA Healthcare UK, the most prominent independent hospital and clinic network in the United Kingdom.

It provides General Practitioner (GP) Services, Health Screening, Wellbeing Seminars, and COVID-19 Support for Businesses.

This program is made exclusively available to Guests working at Chiswick Park and provides the flexibility to access either face-to-face or virtual counseling sessions for individuals working from home or the office.

They are also collaborating with a variety of other healthcare providers, such as an onsite physical therapist, supplemental vitamin parenteral, and prescription delivery. These services are in addition to the expert medical services and support that are provided by HCA Healthcare UK.

Their Moto is:



Chiswick Business Park has taken an integrated approach toward creating a holistic workplace. Chiswick Business Park is a great place to work from the way it is designed, the various activities being offered, the accessibility, and the healthcare services it provides.

If you are looking to book a place here, you can visit their site (2) and check the availability.