How to choose Tata Sky packages and plans with price list 2019, 2018, 2017

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1. Introduction

2. Elements of Tata Sky packages?

3. How are the Tata Sky Plans and Packages Prepared?

4. Tata Sky Packages Price List 2019

  • Andhra Pradesh & Telangana Curated Packs
  • Kerala Curated Packs
  • Maharashtra Curated Packs
  • South Basic Packs
  • South Premium Packs
  • South Family Kids Sports Packs
  • South Dual Language Basic Packs
  • South Dual Language Premium Packs
  • Smart Packs
  • West Bengal Curated Packs

5. Tata Sky Packages Price List 2018

6. Tata Sky Packages Price List 2017

7. Conclusion



Tata Sky, incorporated in 2001, launched in 2006, is an Indian DTH television service provider co-owned by the Tata Group and The Walt Disney Company. The leading content distribution platform currently has 600 channels and services and has set its footprints across 2 lakh towns with more than 18 million connections in India. 

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s put the new 2019 DTH and TV framework into effect with curated packages to suit the diverse needs of the subscribers. The company introduced its latest Tata Sky packages to fit your content consumption preferences. The company that is the pioneer of HD set-top box has a different set of Tata Sky HD packages comprising of the HD & HD+ channels. 

Note: Tata Sky launched the 4k set-top box back in 2015, making it the first DTH operator to offer 4k picture quality back in days.


Elements of Tata Sky packages?

Tata Sky plans and packages can be breakdown into an FTA Basic Pack, and PAN-India curated packs. The latest packages are classified into five categories, namely, Curated Packs, Regional Packs, Add On/ Mini Packs, Broadcaster Packs, and Channels. Recently, the company unveiled 14 new regional 2019 plans starting at Rs 7 per month.

The FTA Basic pack is a zero-cost plan that comprises of 100 free-to-air channels in different languages dispersed across entertainment, news, music, sports, and other categories. The PAN India Curated Packs allows you to select from 14 assorted plans starting at Rs 179 each month for the ‘Hindi Bachat Plan‘ having 31 channels, and rising up to Rs 745 per month for ‘Premium Sports English HD plan’ that offers 134 channels containing a bunch of HD channels.


How are the Tata Sky Plans and Packages Prepared?

Tata Sky apparently levies an NCF or Network Capacity Fee for the first 100 selected channels of Rs 153 per month ( prices inclusive of all taxes), after which it charges Rs 23 per month for every part of additional 25 channels. The DTH operator also has detailed variable pricing for multiple TV connections. 

Note: Tata Sky packages price list is calculated by the equation ‘Pack Name=Distributer Retail Price+Network Capacity Fee+Tax’


Tata Sky Packages Price List 2019

Last year TRAI brought in changes to the channel selection scheme and mandated the customers to pay only for the channels that they choose to see, leading to each channel being priced individually. The new regulations that came into effect from 1st February 2019 allow a cap of Rs 19 for a bouquet of channels. 

The Tata Sky curated packs are:

  1. Andhra Pradesh & Telangana Curated Packs that contains 10 plans starting at Rs 199 per month price.
  2. Kerala Curated Packs that contain 4 plans starting at Rs 225 per month. 
  3. Maharashtra Curated Packs that contain 10 plans starting at Rs 338 per month price.
  4. South Basic Packs that contain 8 plans starting at Rs 248 per month price.
  5. South Premium Packs that contain 8 plans starting at Rs 608 per month price.
  6. South Family Kids Sports Packs that contain 16 plans starting at Rs 352 per month price.
  7. South Dual Language Basic Packs that contain 12 plans starting at Rs 346 per month price.
  8. South Dual Language Premium Packs that contain 12 plans starting at Rs 691 per month price.
  9. Smart Packs that contain 10 plans starting at Rs 206 per month price.
  10. West Bengal Curated Packs that contain 10 plans starting at Rs 334 per month price.

The Tata Sky packages price list 2019, additionally, offers 33 Tata Sky Regional Packs to choose from if you want to, starting from Rs 7 per month for the Gujarati Regional plan that offering 4 channels, going up to Rs 164 per month for the Tamil Regional HD pack offering 24 channels.

The Add on or Mini Packs offer a total of 27 plans, usually comprising of a small selection of channels in content categories like music, sports, English movies, and so on, that start for Rs 5 per month, going up to Rs 162 per month.

Note: Recently, Tata Sky introduced its Flexi Annual Pack that offers an additional month of free subscription to all the eligible users, billing the user for 11 months only.


Tata Sky Packages Price List 2018

In 2018, the DTH company launched a new set of Tata Sky plans and packages for its users while simultaneously increasing the price of its present packages. 

For the Tata Sky packages price list 2018, among the Base Packs, the most popular packages include the Dhamaka 199 package at a price of Rs 199 per month, South Special Pack at a rate of Rs 240 per month, and South Sports Bonanza offered at Rs 310 per month. Some of the new packages that were introduced in 2018 include the Dhamaka Kids package at Rs 260 per month, the Dhamaal Mix package at Rs 320 per month, and the Dhamaal Kids package at Rs 350 per month.

Some other Tata Sky plans and packages available during 2018 are Dhamaal Engish at Rs 420 per month, Sports Dhamaka at RS 420 per month, Bumper pack at Rs 440 per month, Ultra pack at Rs 560 per month and My 99 Pack at Rs 99 per month.


Tata Sky Packages Price List 2017 

The introduction of the Tata Sky 4k set-top box was the talk of the town ever since its debut in 2015. The company offered 4 set-top boxes at different price ranges during the time. The Tata Sky SD (Standard Definition) STB was available at Rs 2,180, Tata Sky HD STB available at Rs 2,735, Tata Sky+ HD STB, offering an option to record the shows, at Rs 10,035 and Tata Sky 4k available at Rs 7,135.

The TruChoice Tata Sky packages price list 2017 consist of Base packs- South Special pack at Rs 229 per month, South Sports Bonanza at Rs 290 per month, Dhamaal Mix at Rs 299 per month, Ultra pack at Rs 560 per month, My 99 Pack at Rs 99 per month and Dhamaal 199 at RS 199 per month. The company also offers a Make My Pack option wherein one can select and make the pack of their choice. To view the HD channels, one needs to subscribe to the Tata Sky HD Packages available at Rs 175 per month or HD packs corresponding o the Base Pack choice, the price of which may differ accordingly.

Note: The cheapest package available on Tata Sky, i.e., the My 99 Pack features 259 channels containing 18 Popular Channels comprising of 7 Hindi News channels, 4 Hindi Entertainment channels & 3 Religious / Devotional channels.



The price list of the Tata Sky packages has been varying for all consecutive years. Despite having some packs that have remained stable, others have either been eliminated, added, or have increased their price range.

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