The big change in Comic Strip culture by Savita Bhabhi but is she still alive?

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The adult entertainment industry is vast, and pornographic content has been seen as taboo in our country, whereas countries like Europe have seen this industry as a form of art. An art form in which a person can express their desires and how they would like to express themselves by working in the industry. But India has been going through a dry phase from the past few years.

In August 2015, the Central Government of India ordered TRAI and all the internet service providers from India to ban several domestic and international porn websites. The service providers responded to this by banning 857 sites from their networks. The Government took this initiative under the project of Internet Censorship in India. But one thing that we all have come across is the cartoon strip culture in India. Every Sunday, we all waited for the special edition in the corners of the newspaper for our favorite cartoon comic strip.

But as we grew up, our shifts changed from cartoons to TV series and movies, and that’s when things changed. The love for comic strips remained the same, but the content shifted from Chacha Chaudhary and Archie to Savita Bhabhi on the internet. But the question is if she is still alive or not?


Who is Savita Bhabhi, and what are Savita Bhabhi comics?

Released and written as a character of an India housewife who is on an adventure to discover the possibilities of seeking pleasure through her interactions and experiences with different kinds of people. Savita Bhabhi is a pornographic cartoon character that was released in early 2008, and it was created by Puneet Agarwal, who went by the pen name Deshmukh.

With the growing list of viewers for the comic strip soon turned into a subscription-based comic strip that was owned by a website named and now it runs with its name. The stories are portrayed as real-life scenarios that could lead to real adventures by the characters. The site is still working and running, which means that Savita Bhabhi is still alive, and she is always on the journey of exploring new things and seek pleasure.


History of Savita Bhabhi stories

Released in 2008, the strip gained so much popularity that it caught the attention of the Indian Government, and it was taken down under the anti-pornography laws. Due to the production of pornography is illegal in India, the site faced the ban. Still, it also witnessed support from the huge fan base as well as mainstream media columnists who called out this move as “meddlesome, patriarchal mindset” of the “Net Nanny” government.

Amid this ban, people started a “Save Savita Project,” which offered people proxy servers and accessing the websites. Savita Bhabhi was released as a movie in May 2013, and many upcoming Bollywood movies have taken inspiration from this cartoon character.


Savita Bhabhi Episodes

Savita Bhabhi Episodes have been gaining the attention of millions of viewers all over the world, where they gain access to hundreds of episodes of Savita Bhabhi and her sexual adventures. The episodes range from her interaction with other men to politicians to teen boys and fellow women and housewives.


Savita Bhabhi Comic spin-off

The massive success of Savita Bhabhi on the internet led to various spin-off series coming in success such as:

  • Savita @ 18
  • Savita in Goa
  • XXX Apartments
  • Priya Ray Encounter specialist
  • Sherlyn
  • Maya
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