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Top 10 Best Motivational Movies every Entrepreneur should watch

Here we have a list of 10 motivational movies that every entrepreneur should watch to set the right motivational tone in his
Here we have a list of 10 motivational movies that every entrepreneur should watch to set the right motivational tone in his life.

Article Index:

1. Introduction

2. Are there any Motivational Movies around us? Do films Motivate us?

3. How do some Best Motivational Movies motivate us?

4. Top 10 Best Motivational Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

1. Introduction:

Motivation is a quality that we can find in anything. Some people find motivation out of nature; some people find it in someone’s smile; some people find it through the handwork of some people. We can quickly tell that motivation can get easily found anywhere if you have a positive mindset of winning.

2. Are there any Motivational Movies around us? Do films Motivate us?

If that’s the case, then why can’t we find the same motivation in movies? Yes, you can. You can find many people you have indicated that certain films have motivated them to attain higher success in life. So, in our article, we will discuss some of the famous Hollywood movies which have struck the right chord with the audience for the higher amount of motivation they have provided.

3. How do some Best Motivational Movies motivate us?

Why does the list include only Hollywood movies? It is because of the way of storytelling which has got practiced by Hollywood filmmakers over the years. Hollywood movies not only have a great way of storytelling, but they also make the viewers engross into their idea of storytelling completely. They unravel various episodes in their story, which include success, struggles, disappointments, and the will of the person, which made him taste success.

Hollywood showcase everything logically on how a person from a scrappy underdog became a billionaire, and the journey he has undergone in being so. There are lots of movies that can help to set the right motivational tone and succeed in your business. Many budding entrepreneurs can learn a lot of lessons in life with the help of these movies.

These movies also showcase many mistakes of these successful people due to which they had to face struggles. By this feature, viewers can engross those mistakes, learn from it, and make sure they don’t repeat the same.

Below we have a list of 10 motivational movies that every entrepreneur should watch to set the right motivational tone in his life. And as said already, some videos educate you in succeeding your life, whereas some will caution you to not face some tedious struggles in life.

4. Top 10 Best Motivational Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch:

4.1 Wall Street (1987)

Do not confuse this movie with the famous Leonardo-Di-Caprio movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’ Wall Street is a quite old movie released in 1987 and comprised of a strong storyline that motivated almost everyone who watched it. This movie got filmed at the height of the Reagan presidency and taught a lot of people the main motivational dialogue in business ‘Greed is Good’.

It showcased all the traces of morality and ethics which happen in everyone’s life and also showed people that whatever happens, one must never shed his morals in the pursuit of money and power. The movie also served as the perfect reminder to every person in business that if you give up your principles or morals for the sake of money, then you may have to pay a more massive price in the future.

4.2 Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

This movie, though was violent as it presented the cutthroat world present in the Chicago real state in the 1980s, it showed the will a person should possess to inherit an entire empire for himself. This movie got based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play from David Mamet of the same name.

This movie served as a perfect lesson about what not to do in the sales department for every business person. This movie clearly showed what struggles or threats you can face if you give top priority to money and not in business values or sales.

4.3 Jerry Maguire (1996)

Sports enthusiasts would love this film, as it presents the story of a highly successful sports agent who starts repointing the way his career got built. Jerry Maguire, the sports agent, starts regretting the fact that his whole career gets built around money, and he starts to feel his success is as empty as a hollow vessel.

He starts questioning his work, his life, and at one excellent point, renounces everything and starts to follow his heart by working as an independent agent. A quite emotional movie, it showcases why one should follow his heart, why one should love his work and what are the lessons which get necessarily learned to make yourselves fall in love with your work. The movie presents an uncomplicated experience in the life of living it happily, which is to following your dreams rather than chasing money.

4.4 Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)

Pirates of Silicon Valley was first a made-for-television exploration, which later got adapted into a movie version. This movie primarily showcased the love-hate relationship, which was visible principally between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were both founders of prominent companies Apple and Windows, respectively.

Though the movie revolves around the story of the two eminent personalities and the way they have led their life, it has an inspirational storyline in it which has got brilliantly written. It also provides some useful pointers to all budding entrepreneurs.

4.5 Office Space (1999)

The movie, which clearly shows the experiences one can face in today’s modern office firm, Office Space, is one delightful movie to watch for all budding entrepreneurs. This movie shows how much struggles one will face in an office firm that gets filled with completely disrespectful people and management, which is entirely clueless.

This inspirational tale shows how one can spring a revolution under such circumstances and how to carve out your business inspirations through it. It provides the needed motivation by showing how a single man can change the whole atmosphere of an institution by his will, hard work, and dedication.

The movie presents itself with several valuable lessons on how he can be daring inside an office setup and how can he become break free and follow his path. It also points out how important is your behavioral quality inside an office setup.

4.6 The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Based on Chris Gardner, this inspirational movie shows how Chris Gardner became an emend personality to the outside world. It shows the story of how he rose from desperate poverty to a multi-billionaire and later a Wall Street legend.

His story will make all budding entrepreneurs inherit the never-give-up attitude in them whatever the number of obstacles they face in life. It also teaches that hard work is the only to earn success in life. In short, it tells that there is no shortcut for success.

4.7 The Social Network (2010)

Though this movie always gets criticized as a fictional story, the screenplay is quite impressive as it shows the journey of the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Though the movie has some goosebump moments in it, the main story of how a person created a social media website and found success in it is truly inspirational for every budding entrepreneur.

The movie guides many entrepreneurs oh how to face and solve tricky challenges in life. It also teaches some crucial lessons which have to get followed in everyone’s life to be successful. It also tells the need to be resilient for every entrepreneur but still be flexible in your overall approach.

4.8 Moneyball (2011)

This movie is for those businessmen who love to follow their hearts in making decisions about their life. The film gets based on a true story on how a general manager of Oakland Billy Beane built a powerhouse baseball team.

It presents his story in an exciting way on how he used computer-generated analytics for recruiting players into his team. It also showcases his journey on how this powerhouse team got built and how it became famous.

It also clearly shows how he used the overall statistics of a player rather than his recent performance for recruiting him into the team. It shows his journey and how it made an impact on baseball by revolutionizing it completely.

4.9 Joy (2015)

This movie is not as widely recognized as a motivational movie by many movie buffs. But trust me, this movie provides a total dosage of motivation for all budding women entrepreneurs. The main storyline of the film was how a woman revolutionized the mop industry completely and how was she successful in doing so. Such a storyline that a woman was successful in the 1990s was remarkable but sad that it did not get appreciated much then.

Joy showcases the story of Joy Mangano, who invented the miraculous self-wringing mop, which turned into a millionaire. It presented her story in such an efficient manner that most of them got connected to this movie’s storyline. This movie is a must-watch for those who consider themselves as a market disruptor and who thing they cannot do anything in life. The film is quite inspirational and is worth watching anytime you want.

4.10 Steve Jobs (2015)

Steve Jobs, the biography of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, gets adapted into a feature film by the same name. An inspiring account of both the failures and successes experienced by the great Steve Jobs, it also accounts for the way he made Apple a global leader, which it is today.

This movie acts as an inspirational and a cautionary one for all budding entrepreneurs. It, in detail, explains to you what one should to do to achieve success in life. It also provides a lesson on what one should not do to get himself entangled with the struggles of life. It also explains how one can feel when he has to leave his company, which he founded because of some unforeseen reasons. This movie gets regarded by many as a must-see for every entrepreneur.

The above article discusses some best motivation movies which every budding entrepreneur should watch at least once. These motivational movies provide lessons that help you tackle all the obstacles in your life and move towards the path of success.