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Coronavirus India Updates: Cases Expected to Reach 10K in 10 Days – 3rd April 2020

Amid the Coronavirus lockdown, we bring you the latest news from around the globle to keep you updated while you stay safe at
Amid the Coronavirus lockdown, we bring you the latest news from around the globle to keep you updated while you stay safe at home.

The World Bank has approved a $1 billion emergency fund for the Virus-stricken India

world bank

After witnessing the increase in Coronavirus cases in India, the World Bank has finally approved a $1 Billion fund to India to fight with the virus. This is the most significant support given by the lending institution to India.

This fund will be managed and distributed by the National Health Mission (NHM) and National Center for Disease Control(NCDC). The primary purpose of this fund is to address the requirements of the infected people, medical personnel, and the people who got hit, financially due to the lockdown and even the animal health agencies. The fund will also be utilized to manufacture and buy vital equipment like testing kits, ventilators, setting up various isolation wards, and converting buildings into Intensive Care Units.

PM Narendra Modi Requests the civilians to light lamps and candles at 9 PM this Sunday


In a video message which was aired on today i.e. 3rd April around 9 AM, the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has asked all the citizens to sincerely light candles and lamps at 9 PM this Sunday (5th April 2020) as a message to represent the fight against COVID-19. This gesture is also made to show our respect and gratitude to the doctors and other personnel who are working overtime to protect us.

The number of Coronavirus cases is expected to reach 10000 in 10 days in India as the Coronavirus curve steepens


The whole country is in a state of fear as they are witnessing an exponential increase in the casualties. Approximately the number of COVID-19 cases has increased to over 50 percent to 2069 cases, in the last two days. The rate of cases reported is increasing drastically on a 24-hour basis. The instances of COVID-19 have increased from 1379 to 2100, approximately in the past three days. According to a report by Mint Covid Tracker, this is not even the steepest point, as it is likely to increase shortly. Compared to last week’s statements, the cases have been much higher this week. Also though the curve is much flatter compared to that of the United States, the trajectory is still much steeper than that of Singapore and North Korea.

COVID-19 cases have crossed 2300 in India; Death toll rises to 56


The number of cases has witnessed a sharp increase as 300 new Coronavirus cases were reported in the previous 24 hours. This adds up to a total of 2301 cases in India, while the death toll has increased to 56. A total of 156 patients have been recovered from this deadly disease. Due to the large gathering at Delhi’s Nizamuddin last month, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and Tamil Nadu have witnessed a sharp rise in the cases. The authorities have quarantined approximately 9000 people involved in the Nizamuddin event. The current toll in the capital city, Delhi, is 219. This is the highest ever in a single day.