Cybersecurity startup CYFIRMA raises funding from Z3 Partners

Singapore based Cybersecurity startup CYFIRMA raises funding from Z3 Partners in Series A round on Friday, 14th February 2020.

CYFIRMA is predictive cyber threat visibility and intelligence analytics platform that delivers real-time insights into emerging cyberthreats customized on industry and IT environment. The company provides cyber intelligence across all aspects of protection covering Strategic Intelligence, Management Intelligence, and Tactical Intelligence.


Fundings Raised by CYFIRMA

CYFIRMA Founder - Kumar Ritesh
CYFIRMA Founder – Kumar Ritesh

Singapore- based cybersecurity firm CYFIRMA, with offices in Bengaluru and Tokyo on Friday, announced that it had raised Series A round of funding from Z3 partners, which is an early growth private equity fund.

With this strapping investment, Z3 joins Goldman Sachs and Zodius Capital as a shareholder of CYFIRMA.

Including the current round of funding, the startup has raised funds of $8 million.

Founder and CEO of CYFIRMA, Mr. Ritesh Kumar, said:

“By getting the financial Support of Z3 partners we will accelerate our product engineering efforts, grow our team, and bring our innovative threat intelligence platform to a new market rapidly.”

We have a unique way of looking at cyber threat analytics, gathering intelligence across the deep and dark web, as well as the surface web to unravel the threat as well as cyber-attacks.

Z3 partner is a 100 million dollars worth early growth PE fund company that has invested in India technology and the digital market for more than over 29 years.


Current Trends in the Information Security Market

According to a report, the global information Security Market has a forecast of growing at a five-year CAGR of 8.7 percent to reach 188.8 billion dollars in 2023.

CFIRMA’s offering is well-timed with the demand for quality threat intelligence to guide digital transformation and drive business results.

Conclusion: Goldman Sachs-backed cybersecurity startup CYFIRMA raised funds, which the company will be using in the development of the roadmap of the cyber intelligence platform and enhance predictive capabilities by building features that will complete the cybersecurity ecosystem.

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