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Diplomatic ties Between Israel and UAE :Donald Trump

diplomatic ties

Diplomatic ties between Israel and UAE: the President of United States Donald Trump aids Israel to suspend annexing regions of occupied West Bank. It also increases the regional power to Iran. The UAE, US, and Israel, all of them, view Iran as a threat.

Israel have a peace agreement with Egypt and Jordan since 1979 and 1994, respectively. However, the USE and other Arab nations had no recognition or diplomatic ties or economic relationships with the country until now. White House recently stated that the agreement is the result of recent lengthy discussions between Israel, the UAE, and the USA.

Diplomatic ties Between UAE and Israel – A historic Breakthrough

There is also a joint statement issued by the USA, the UAE, and Israel (1). US President Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayed have agreed to the full normalization of Israel and the UAE relations. The diplomatic breakthrough between the countries is a breakthrough. It will not only create peace in the regions of the middle east.

It will also provide a testament to bold the diplomacy and vision of the three leaders. Further, it would also encourage the UAE and Israel to make a new path to unlock great potentials.

The agreement between the nations is called the Abraham Accords. It also gives Donald Trump an accomplishment regarding foreign policy. It would help him with the re-election on 03 November 2020.

Donald Trump recently announced the achievement on Twitter. He called the agreement a huge breakthrough. Trump continued by saying that a historic Peace agreement is made between his two great friends; the UAE and Israel. The United Arab Emirates further added that he would stay a healthy supporter of Palestine. The agreement will continue the viability of the solution for Israel and the Palestinian conflict.

The Israeli PM stated that the agreement is a historic day for his country. The diplomatic deal between the countries is a nightmare for Iran, says Brian Hook, special envoy of US President Donald Trump.

The delegations of both countries have meetings in the coming weeks to sign agreements regarding several issues and tasks. We are expecting both countries to exchange ambassadors and embassies soon.