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How Scientist-Turned-Entrepreneur Dr. Rafi’s Startup is Revolutionizing The Chemical Industry Through Digitalization
Carbanio Founder: Dr. Rafi and Chief Officer: Vijay Devarakonda

Carbanio, India’s first and largest B2B marketplace for chemicals, is slowly gaining popularity and becoming everyone’s favorite within the fraternity. The Hyderabad-based startup founded by Dr. Rafi. The platform you can rely on to buy chemicals online for access to the ready stock of chemicals in India for businesses and academia.

Indian chemical industry is the sixth largest chemical producer in the world, yet the sourcing of chemicals within the industry is difficult and disorganized. Dr. Rafi, who holds a Ph.D. degree in Organic Chemistry from the Pondicherry Central University, faced similar struggles to buy chemicals India for his Ph.D. research purpose. During his research journey, 2003-2017, he experienced a wide disparity in buying and selling of ready and in-stock chemicals for research and commercial use, leading him to start Carbanio with a vision to digitalization of Chemical Industry for easier, faster and efficient chemical purchase across the country.

Indian chemical industry consists of over six lakh companies, and yet there is no single digital platform connecting buyers to buy chemicals India from multiple sellers, distributors, dealers, suppliers, and manufacturers. To solve his own problem Dr. Rafi, S, the scientist-turned-entrepreneur, and founded India’s first B2B online marketplace for ready stock chemicals both businesses and academia. One can buy quality and purity assured chemicals directly from Carbanio’s website using secure payment modes, and get it delivered to the individual’s doorstep.

About the founder Founder - Dr. Rafi Founder – Dr. Rafi

Dr. Rafi (1), the founder of, has always been a stellar student of Chemistry and also told a publication about his deep interest in Organic Chemistry from a young age. He has completed his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the reputed Pondicherry Central University and completed his Post-Doctoral research from the National Health Research Institute (NHRI), Taiwan. He has also been a Principal Research Scientist at the University of Hyderabad and served as a scientist in major pharmaceutical organizations.

Dr. Rafi has also been bestowed upon with Innovation Research Awards from InnoCentive (USA) and reserved his spot in the 100 Most Impactful Leaders in the health care industry for 2019, according to Economic Times. Besides running his chemical aggregator platform, currently, Dr. Rafi is also the Editorial Board Member at INNOSC Theranostics and Pharmacological Sciences (ITPS), Australia. Dr. Rafi has also published over 18 scientific journals and patents so far.

Vijay Devarakonda - Chief Officer at Carbanio
Vijay Devarakonda – Chief Officer at Carbanio

Dr. Rafi joint hands with Vijay Devarakonda (2), an MBA in Product Leadership & Strategy with 17 years of experience in technology implementation, who works as the Chief Officer at Carbanio. According to Dr. Rafi, Vijay Devarakonda truly brings excellent diversity in terms of experience, which has complemented the growth of the company. Devarakonda holds a rich work background and experience and has previously been a part of organizations like Oracle, Ola, and Etisalat. He played a significant role in the generation of $2 million in revenue at Oracle. Increasing Convenience & Efficiency in The Chemical Market

India has witnessed digitalization of multiple industries in the last two decades, leading to high growth in sales and revenue. On the other hand, the chemical and procurement industries have remained stagnant in terms of adaptation of the latest technology, which is why the Chemical Industry has not seen any disruptive changes. The process of buying and selling chemicals for academic and commercial purposes is long-drawn and time-consuming.

With, businesses can publish-ready stock, in-stock, and high demand chemicals. B2B Chemical online marketplace allows small, medium, and significant chemical companies to improve their product’s market visibility, which in turn assists in increasing the revenue and sales across the globe. The digitalization of the chemical industry through Carbanio is a revolutionary step in building the future of the Chemical B2B marketplace, impacting every stakeholder in the sector.

Dr. Rafi staunchly believes that Carbanio is a service buy chemicals online that would help buyers of chemicals procure products from multiple sellers, hassle-free. In conversation with the TimesNext team, he said,

“Our team understands the problem at hand and wants to offer a unique experience to customers; something will enable all the parties in the industry (buyers and sellers) to digitize their sourcing process.”

Goals and Future

Carbanio aims to create a channel for its buyers, where they have access to multiple sellers under one roof and the power to pick the best option according to their needs, like any other e-commerce user. Alongside, they also strive to provide quality and pure chemicals on its platform by the vendors, so that the buyer can get the best deal without compromising on the quality of the product. assuring that the waiting period where a buyer anxiously waits for two-three weeks for the seller to procure the requirement of the chemical is eliminated. Digital payments help reduce the period required for acquiring particular chemicals in India with door-to-door delivery, saving the buyer the worry of shipment.

On being asked about his vision for the company, Dr. Rafi said that he envisions building an ecosystem that disrupts the way chemicals are sourced and adds value to a user’s daily life. Carbanio currently hosts over 5.1 million chemicals from more than 20000 various businesses across the country and has over 400 academic organizations and thousands of other businesses that choose Carbanio to fulfill their chemical needs.startup stor