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Dropshipping India: Top 5 Wholesale Dropshippers

This article will present you with the information regarding the dropshipping business, which is in boom all over the world,
This article will present you with the information regarding the dropshipping business, which is in boom all over the world, including India.

Working just as a retailer might turn out to be annoying for some people. Hence people take up a wholesale dropshipping business and help resellers get their products at a high quantity. As one has a dropshipping store, they get deals from some prominent companies, thereby negotiating a reasonable sum of money for your service. Dropshippers can deal with various niches and types of products according to your or the needs of resellers.

The Market of Dropshipping in India is growing at an extensive rate, and companies are finding success. According to a survey, the business of Dropshipping in India will grow at a rate of 10% every year. And aiming with the vision, the companies listed below are the five most booming wholesale drop shippers in India.

Dropshipping India: Top Whole Dropshippers

1. Indiamart

Indiamart (1) is the most famous dropshipping site of India, which lets consumers negotiate directly with the wholesalers. People need no extra effort and can connect easily with the wholesalers through the medium of Indiamart. After signing up on their site, you can have access to wholesale suppliers of different products like Furniture, Food, Jewelry, etc.

2. TradeIndia

TradeIndia (2) was formed in 1996 as a B2B platform, which helps retailers get connected to wholesalers. The company directly helps you find suitable wholesalers for the products you are looking for. They have a trusted background and hence are in this business from an early time. They are free to register, and people can contact the wholesalers according to their interests. TradeIndia acts as a non-profitable link to connect retailers to wholesalers without any other profits. They have a vast database of wholesalers and thus present retailers with a massive amount of options.

3. ExportsIndia

This is another B2B platform that enables retailers from all over the world to connect with Indian suppliers and manufacturers. They are unique because it is one of the successful portals which connect retailers from all over the world rather than keeping it in India. ExportsIndia (3) has meanwhile got a lot of positive reviews from people around the globe and is an entirely free portal to use. Any person interested in this business can connect on their portal and have access to Indian goods. This site provides access to some prominent brands like ACE, NAULAKHA, PARAG, MIRAJ, Pmark, etc.

4. Bluember

Bluember (4) is considered as one of the first sites of all to start dropshipping in India. They are popular among retailers and connect with several wholesalers. They ensure that their customers get an immense option for buying different kinds of products. One can get genuinely interested and authentic suppliers here and offer many things. Their professional team ensures that every supplier is getting something of their need, which makes them a credible site.

5. Coorgle Dropshipping (CDS)

CDS (5) is one of the best-automated platforms of India which works in the sector of wholesale dropshipping in India. The UI of the portal is simple, which allows people to have access to it quickly and without facing any issues. One can use this if they are into this business for the first time and do not want to face any problem. Retailers who do not like the name of wholesalers everywhere on the product can access this portal and get products without any trademark of wholesalers. Hence, it is considered as one of the best sites for retailers.

These are the top five best companies who promote dropshipping in India. And if even you are motivated to start this business, then there are a few more points which can surely lift your morale!

Benefits of Whole Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping business is increasing at a high rate, and some people are surely curious to know why? Hence, the points below denote some of the most noticed benefits of this business, which drove many people to get success in this sector.

  • Inventory

One does not have to handle the long term product stocking inventory after any deal is made between retailers and wholesalers, which saves up a tremendous amount of money.

  • Product Selection

One does not have to worry about product selection; just display upon your page, and retailers can select as they like. One does not have to do this time taking the job, although at least a standard of the product should be maintained.

  • No Shipping

One does not have to worry about delivering items to retailers; drop shippers act like a medium between wholesalers and retailers. Hence, one does not has to worry about extra costs and can save a lot of money through this business and earn a lot at the same time.

All the points regarding this business have been made, any person interested in this business can easily collect appropriate resources and investment of some minimal money. The drop shippers in India mentioned above have grabbed their opportunity and got succeeded eventually.