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How edtech startup – Lido Learning is helping students excel in studies

Lido Learning Founder - Sahil Sheth
Lido Learning Founder – Sahil Sheth

As the world is already running towards digitalization, no sector has left that hasn’t touched the digital methods. From groceries to clothes, everything is being done online to a great extent. And similarly, education also has taken an online platform giving shape to the education sector and making things more convenient for students.

Here, we are talking about another edtech startup, Lido Learning (1), which is helping students to a great extent and has made studies easier and just through a few taps on your phone.

About Lido Learning

Team Lido Learning
Team Lido Learning

Founded on 29th April 2019, by Sahil Sheth, who worked in the edtech industry for almost ten years, has been going through the mindset of children for ages and have firmly dealt with study issues faced by different children.

Initially, he produced a platform named Infinite Student, which focused on text-book material and video lessons related to the student’s curriculum and could be used through a mobile phone. Although Byjus took over, this startup and Sahil Sheth started working as Vice President under Byjus, but the dream to have his successful platform never died.

The main idea of Lido Learning came to him when he went to stay in China to understand more deeply about edtech companies. Here, he came to know that this motive could be achieved through advanced analytics and by closely tracking students’ performance and have effective & interactive methods. Thereby, implementing these ideas, he came up with Lido Learning with live tutoring classes with tutors and is growing to no small extent in Mumbai, Bangalore, Indore, and Delhi.

The Business Model

Lido Learning Founder - Sahil Sheth
Lido Learning Founder – Sahil Sheth

As Lido Learning is growing effectively, people need to know about the methods that the startup followed to achieve success. The main point that is making them successful is that they provide personalized attention to students even with the live tutorings. Each class comprises of no more than six students such that students do not have any issues with the class strength and don’t face any engagement issues.

Lido Learning right now provides materials and tutorials regarding class V to IX, although to earn an essential revenue for their company, people have to subscribe through a fee to get yearly access to the tutorings. Moreover, not only with the live tutorials, but Lido Learning also provides offline content like videos, quizzes, and fun learning games.

Revenue Generation & Fundings

Currently, Lido Learning has almost 5,000 customers who like learning with them. And like every other edtech company, they also earn through tuition fees or subscription fees. Talking about their fundings, Lido Learning is on Series A Growth and Funding Stage and has received almost $3 million Funds from Unilazer Ventures, Anupam Mittal, Arihant Patni, etc.

As the startup is only on its initial stage, they have way more competition ahead with several edtech companies like Vedantu, Byjus, Unacademy, etc.

Benefits and Advantages of Lido Learning

Lido Learning Website Screenshot
Lido Learning Website Screenshot

The main problem that every child in school goes through is rote learning, where students don’t understand the concept and keep on mugging up answers to get enough marks. Lido Learning focuses on clearing up the primary thoughts of children such that they build their study building with a concrete base with proper knowledge. The company also offers parents with proper analytics so that they can record their child’s performance accordingly and understand their growth. In addition to this, they have several points that add up to the benefits like

  • Live online classes with a batch of only six students per class
  • Expert teachers ready to solve all the issues of students with proper guidance.
  • Other than live tutorials, students have access to offline content like quizzes and games.

Thereby, students can get exclusive opportunities to learn and grow with a piece of perfect knowledge.

Study Pack available on Lido Learning

Lido Learning Website Screenshot (1)
Lido Learning Website Screenshot

The main stuff for people to know about the Lido Learning startup is the study packages they provide. From class 5-9th, students can get access to a wide variety of materials on their portal. One can have access to the free trial if they wish to use this portal but are not sure to buy it directly. The list given below is the study materials provided by Lido Learning for students to excel in their studies.

  • Mathematics- Students of CBSE and ICSE can have access to this and comprises of live classes with quizzes and games.
  • Science- Beneficial for students of CBSE & ICSE board and can get access to live classes with virtual experiments and quizzes and games.
  • English- This is again provided to both CBSE and ICSE students with a proper English language learning process with grammar and comprehension. Students can learn effectively through games, quizzes, and live classes.
  • Summer Trial Plans- If you are not sure which class to attend and which to drop off, get your reins on the summer trial pack offered by Lido learning to know their methods of teaching to get to know the subjects with your next academic year.
  • Summer Coding Camp- Getting bored at your house in the summer? Get access to interactive classes of codings with Lido Learning. Get your week productive and learn coding, which will boost your brain.

These were some of the interactive packages offered to a student interested in learning and wanted to have a bright future.

Lido Learning is indeed an effective method to learn and excel in your studies without the process of boring rote learning. Although Lido Learning still has a lot of ways to go through but is no doubt expanding fast enough among different cities and interacting with a lot of students.