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Everybody dreams of owning a startup, but nobody wants to work in that

It is a common dream for everyone to start their own company, run it, and lead it to success. According to a report, approximately 70 percent of people under 25 mentioned that it’s their lifelong dream to start a company.

Startups ring a bell in mostly youths and teenagers.

Now, even though everybody wants to own a startup, it is true that no one prefers to work for a startup company.

A report concluded that most people tend to choose a matured and a considerably huge company instead of startups.

But, they can’t be blamed as it is etched in people’s minds that most startups always fail, and it will be a colossal waste to work there.

The word startup emphasized a newly born company, new ideas, and the initial stage of enormous growth.

The typical mindset of people is that startups don’t offer job security or even offer high salaries.

This is the reason why most people avoid working in a startup company. Now, here are a few complicated reasons why people don’t prefer startups.

  • You might not get paid: It is implied that the owners of a startup wouldn’t have acquired funding yet, and would have a limited amount of capital. Hence, a typical working culture in a startup includes the owner giving equity(1) in the business. And after a few years, the employee can gain benefits when the company reaches new heights. But, everyone has a constant fear that it might not succeed.
  • Stressful work environment: Startups usually include employees working extra. Every stage of a startup includes new challenges. You will have to work for long hours and even work on weekends to get work done. Moreover, the job would be very stressful as you will be examined in every phase and work stage.
  • Chaotic: You can’t expect a startup to follow a set of rules and etiquettes. Employees won’t have their desks, and it won’t always be silent.
  • Everything can change in a moment: Here comes the problem with stability. Imagine you would be working in a startup, and suddenly they tell you to relocate as a merger took place.

But, it is also essential to look at the pros and advantages of working in a startup.

The enthusiasm for joining a startup should match with the excitement of starting an own company or owning a startup. This is because a startup provides a lot of experience and even act as a stepping stone for success.