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Here’s the story of FabFitFun: the gift box subscription where you can find all lifestyle products

What is FabFitFun?

In our everyday brisk lives, we often disregard our mental and physical health. When you wake up for a tiring day at work, it can be challenging to motivate yourself to go to a gym. As a result, after many years of adulting, we find our health slowly deteriorating. We watch helplessly as our confidence level shoots down. Why do we give up our health and happiness just because of the time it takes? You might be wishing for a single solution to all these problems. FabFitFun is what you are looking for.

FabFitFun (1) is a gift box subscription service where you can get everything you need for a healthy lifestyle in a single package. It was founded by Daniel Broukhim, Michael Broukhim, Sam Teller, Adam Katz and Katie Rosen Kitchens in 2010. It has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The company guides its community of women customers into becoming their most fabulous selves. When you subscribe for a FabFitFun box, you get various healthcare products, work out gear and free advice through emails which can help you transform your life. Just like the name suggests, FabFitFun helps you to get fit, become fabulous and have fun in the process.

FabFitFun aims to cater to the needs of women regardless of their age, culture or ethnicity. Whether you are a single mother or an experienced entrepreneur or a young teenager, you will find everything you love from a single source. They work every day to inspire, motivate and energise their customers with a large number of extraordinary, personalised assets for each sort of woman. The products that they provide brings hope, health, fitness, energy, sass, and a whole lot of fun to these women. FabFitFun is a great way to start your happiness journey and get more from life.

The beginning of FabFitFun


FabFitFun began its journey as a media company which reviews the recent beauty and healthcare products in the market. It was during a time when Los Angeles had witnessed a growing trend in gift box services. In the initial stages, the founders had no intention of entering this box delivery business. FabFitFun was simply a lifestyle website which offered the readers articles on beauty, health, fitness, fashion etc. They spent years creating great content which helped to build a base of faithful customers who trusted them.

The idea of a subscription gift box business was born while the founders were attending a social event. They received many cute VIP gift hampers which looked pleasing and impressive. Daniel Broukhim and Michael Broukhim started thinking of how they could help their readers have the same experience. Therefore, they started doing research on various subscription box services available in Los Angeles. There were various companies that sent their subscribers a whole outfit picked out for them. Some focused on healthcare products, while others specialised in cosmetics and beauty products.

However, Daniel and Michael could not find any enterprise that sold all lifestyle needs in a single box. At that point, they knew what the FabFitFun boxes would contain. Finally, in 2013, the company tried their hand at the subscription gift box business by arranging 2000 boxes for their readers. Within two days of starting this offer, they sold out all the boxes. Ever since 2013, the company saw a growth rate of 300 per cent every year. Quite soon, more subscribers were flowing to the website, and FabFitFun became a social trend. They have also expanded to the retail business and commenced brands such as ISH, Summer & Rose and Chic & Tonic.

The features of FabFitFun

FabFitFun has a diversity of members, including doctors, teachers, techies, artists, lawyers, politicians, actresses etc. If you are a person who spends a lot of money on beauty products every year, the FabFitFun subscription can help you make a saving. The best part about the FabFitFun services is the element of surprise.

You might be thinking that FabFitFun is all about beauty products, but it is a lot more than that. They include everything from high-end fashion clothes and accessories to the simplest household utilities in the boxes. They also send you emails filled with healthcare tips, genuine relationship advice and fun articles. FabFitFun paves the stepping stones for your journey to becoming your most fabulous self.

You can get a box from FabFitFun in two different ways. The first type is when you have already decided what you need, and you just type it into the website. After this, you place an order, and they deliver it to you within a few days. However, FabFitFun insists on letting them carry out the entire process for you. You can rely on them completely to choose the products for you. After knowing some necessary information about you, they select out what products will work for you, what kind of emails you need etc. After years of experience, FabFitFun has become an expert in curating beauty and healthcare products for their female fans.

How does it work?

You can subscribe for a FabFitFun box at the cost of 200 dollars every year. It works on a quarterly subscription which means you get these products once every three months. You can also apply for a Select Membership in which they choose a group of customers who will only need to pay 180 dollars every year instead of 200. FabFitFun sends you a  box containing a blend of make-up, accessories, garments, wellness items, and home decor items. They usually focus on beauty products, but you can occasionally find some fantastic household equipment in the box.

As soon as you sign up and create an account, you will receive a credit of 10 dollars which is 20 per cent of the total cost. You can buy a FabFitFun subscription at 200 dollars per year. If you are living in the United States, they do not charge any extra shipping fee. For people from other countries, the company charges an extra 10 dollars for the shipping of every box. This adds a total of 40 dollars to the yearly cost. Even a total of 240 dollars every year is not too expensive for the exceptional service that FabFitFun provides.