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The story of FoodyBuddy: the app that brings you home-cooked meals from your neighbourhood

What is FoodyBuddy?

We all crave for delicious mouthwatering dishes that bring a truckload of memories to our taste buds. However, it is not always feasible to discover the exact food item you are craving for. Even if you do find a good restaurant, it cannot always recreate that feeling of nostalgia. Have you often found yourself tired of eating fast food and wanting to have a taste of home? But we don’t always get the time or space to cook what we like. During the rush of life, we do not even try to eat healthy, fulfilling meals. What if there was a way to connect you to a fantastic cook in your neighbourhood. Someone who can be a FoodyBuddy?

FoodyBuddy (1) is a hyperlocal platform which allows passionate cooks to serve home-cooked meals to the users. The registered food makers at FoodyBuddy include people from various spheres of life. Many home-makers who love cooking and want to earn an income by selling it are chefs on this platform. FoodyBuddy even has working people like engineers who love to cook and want to share their passion with the world.

Rachna Rao developed the platform in 2015 along with her husband, Akil Sethuraman and friend, Anup Gopinath. What makes FoodyBuddy different is their unique path in the food delivery sector. They focus more on how the app fits in the community rather than the typical logistics of this business. The home-cooks are able to create very traditional meals like the Gujarati dal dokli, Rajasthani dal bati etc. If you cook pretty well and want to start selling your dishes, you can sign up through the FoodyBuddy app.

The birth of FoodyBuddy


The founders of FoodyBuddy, Rachna Rao, Anup Gopinath and Akil Sethuraman, were working at Zynga before they started this journey. Akil and Rachna were one of those couples who always craved delicious and healthy meals. However, they could not find the time to cook in the midst of their busy schedule. So the desire for good quality home-prepared food was a permanent emotion in their lives. It was due to this reason that Rachna started thinking about an app that could connect them to local cooks. Such a platform would give them the opportunity to order extraordinary, home-prepared food from their neighbourhood.

Rachna, Akil and their friend, Anup resigned from their jobs at Zynga and started working on this idea. The trio soon realised that FoodyBuddy would be of more help to passionate cooks from all walks of life. Any individual who wants to cook can decide to cook any measure of servings to sell through the platform. They agreed that FoodyBuddy should focus more on the seller than the buyer. The team believes that a person who has an adoration for cooking deserves a space to present it. They should be able to communicate their affection for food to a broader group of consumers. This vision is what led FoodyBuddy to become the successful business that it is today.

A creative business model

There are two aspects to the working of FoodyBuddy. The team has developed exciting strategies to assist both the Foodie (buyer) and the Buddy(chef). On the app, the client can choose from a variety of meals. Similarly, the Buddy also has full oversight on what the user can see. They get the opportunity to select the planning time, the measure of servings, menu and the cost of the food made. All that the app does is link the Buddy and the Foodies in a particular town or area. The delivery and sales are to be overseen by the home cook.

A chef’s business on FoodyBuddy relies upon the number of servings that they decide to make for selling. They get to determine the pricing and other charges of the food they sell. Since they have to manage the packing and delivery, they are responsible for the quality of their sales. Standing apart from other companies in the food delivery business, FoodyBuddy takes a unique road. The aim of FoodyBuddy is to bring you healthy, home-prepared dinner cooked by somebody you trust.

By the year 2018, FoodyBuddy had taken over many residential buildings in the city. They had sold more than 250,000 dinners across 20,000 families up until that point. FoodyBuddy takes a commission from the chefs which can be in the range of five and ten per cent. However, this charge is quite decent for the services they provide. The app equips home cooks with adaptability and a simple interface to make and sell what they need and when they need it. Clients can even rate the food and gourmet specialists through the app. The Foody and Buddy can also have a conversation on this platform.

The features of FoodyBuddy

One of the significant benefits for the cooks on FoodyBuddy is that the platform does not make you follow strict rules. If you want to sell your food, you can decide a lot of things associated with it. FoodyBuddy gives you complete freedom to choose what to sell, how much to sell and even the price of the dish. Whenever you feel like cooking, you can make something and list it on the app to connect to buyers. The app makes it very easy to communicate with the customers. It prevents a lot of confusion that might take place during orders made through phone calls. Both parties get to see the complete information regarding the order and delivery.

FoodyBuddy is the best way to kick start your culinary career. As you sell to more people, your profile becomes more impressive. You eventually get to be famous in town for your cooking skills. You can also take part in the Foody Testimonial to show off your culinary skills. FoodyBuddy will also feature you on their social media pages, thus building your reputation. While there are many such benefits for the chefs, the buyers will also have an incredible experience with FoodyBuddy.

You get to have a taste of heaven without being worried about the harmful additives and preservatives. The home-cooked meals are trustworthy as it is made by ordinary people and not businesses. Moreover, FoodyBuddy will be able to get you dishes that you will not usually find in a restaurant. You can ask for any traditional dish, and there will be someone in your neighbourhood who knows how to cook it. When cooked with love, that dish is sure to take you on a trip through the memory lane.